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Friday, 27 February 2015

And we're back to the Sharon Raydor posts. Whoop, whoop! Or was that a collective sigh? This post is for one of my favourite outfits for Sharon from the first season of Major Crimes. This post was completely inspired by the shoes, just like my last Mary McDonnell outfit post that was inspired by a pair of black heels. But since I'm me and I love perusing the Internet, I couldn't leave it at just the shoes. So, I've included a couple of dress options that I think would go nicely with the shoes and give you that Raydor-vibe.


Shoes || Laminated High Heel Court Shoe || Zara UK -£39.99
Zara US [$69.90] || Zara Ireland [€45,95]
Zara Germany [€45,95] || Zara Espana [€39,95]

The shoes. Holy moley. Let's talk about the shoes! Just look at those shoes! They're so shiny and gorgeous and pointed! How beautiful are these shoes from Zara? I fell in love with the shoes thar Sharon wore in the episode because they were so different from what she usually wore - her Darth Raydor black stilettos. Suddenly, she's wearing a floral dress and metallic silver shoes. A complete 180 from her power suits and stilettos (though I miss those sooooo  much!)

These shoes were brought to my attention by my friend Rose and I instantly told her that she had just cemented this week's Fandom Friday post because these are just too perfect! They look just like the ones that Sharon wore in shape, colour and height. Be still my beating heart! They constantly take my breath away when I scrolled past them when writing this post up.

Dress Options & a Blazer
          01 - Jersey Dress || H&M - £12.99
          02 - Mandi Blue Baroque Flora Print Skater Dress || New Look - £28.00
          03 - Patterned Dress || George - £15.00
          Blazer || Figure-Fit Jacket || H&M - £29.99

Finding a dress that matched Sharon's was rather difficult. Her dress had a gorgeous, almost-snake-like print effect to it which I couldn't find but that doesn't meant that it doesn't exist. In trying to replicate this look, I went for more floral and baroque style prints which I think capture the vibe nicely. In terms of cut, I went with skater and midi style dresses.
Pair it with a nice cream or grey-toned blazer, I just picked this one from the H&M website, and you're good to go.
Thank you so good for stopping by and I hope you have a great weekend.
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  1. those zara shoes are gorgeous! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Loving the dresses! And yay, another Sharon post. ♥ Love the way she dresses. So keep them coming. :3 ♥

    1. It's been a while since I've done a Sharon post, hasn't it? I definitely loved this outfit on her. So different, so classy and so Sharon. ♥


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