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Friday, 19 December 2014

Hands up those of you that love the lipstick that Sharon Raydor has on in Major Crimes! Me! I absolutely adore her make-up and have wanted to know what she wears. Like the good sleuth that I am, I found this interview with Major Crimes' make-up artist, Robin Siegel, and she uses Chanel's Coco Rouge lipstick in No. 5 Mademoiselle.

> Can you give us an overview of the makeup you've been using on Mary this season?
This season I'm using an eyeshadow palette from Chanel called Spices. It has a reddish-brown color that really makes her green eye color pop. I line her eyes with a coppery brown pencil from MAC called Bountiful Brown. I'm using foundation from Clé de Peau and Chanel. For a subtle cheek color, I'm using a blush from Chanel called Frivole. On her lips, I use Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle, after shaping with Clé de Peau lip pencil.  MostlyMary.com
After reading this interview, everything within reason was added to my make-up wishlist. Most of them actually appear in my Christmas Beauty Wish List. Over the past few months I've managed to tick a couple of these off of the list; Frivole, MAC's Bountiful Brown and now Mademoiselle. I've managed to nab these through eBay purchases, sneaky little Christmas presents to myself and by using the points that I acquired on my Boots card - thank you Christmas shopping rewards

But what if you aren't willing to spend £25 on one lipstick, even if it is Chanel and the exact one that is worn by Sharon Raydor, I've got you covered or more precisely, Maybelline has you covered. Enter Maybelline ColorSensational 630 Velvet Beige and for only £7.19 at Boots or £6.99 at Superdrug. I cannot for the life of me find a US link for this lipstick. But it is available on Amazon.com in lip pencil and lipstick form - here.

If you watched my Get The Look video for Sharon Raydor, you will know that I actually used Maybelline'a Velvet Beige lipstick. I didn't have Mademoiselle back then and I don't believe that I had even read that interview with Robin Siegel. I simply picked Velvet Beige out believing that it was similar to what I saw to be on Raydor's lips on the screen. Once I had Mademoiselle in my hands, I immediately swatched it beside Velvet Beige

As you can see it isn't an exact match but it is very close. Velvet Beige has a slightly darker tone to it. Mademoiselle has an more intense pigmentation to it. The pigmentation of Mademoiselle is slightly more elevated than Maybelline's lipstick.

L; Velvet Biege. R: Mademoiselle

Maybelline Velvet Biege

Chanel Coco Rouge Mademoiselle

Photographing lips is a nightmare, just for the record, especially with pale skin that likes to reflect natural light. Velvet Beige does look duller on the lips in photographs but it is not that dull in real life. On my hand when swatched they look similar as I was able to photograph it better. 

With the countdown to Christmas this could be a great gift for that Major Crimes fangirl in your life or a sneaky little present to yourself to get your Raydor on. Have a Mary Christmas, everyone. ;-)

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