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Thursday, 4 December 2014

With it being December and such, my CD collection in the car naturally changed from my previous blog post. I'm constantly bringing different CDs down to the car because there are times when I just don't like the current top 40. With a few sneaky little purchases, I shook up my little CD stash and I have three new albums that I can squawk away to at the top of my lungs whenever I'm alone in the car, or even with company.

Currently Playing
Christmas Wishes - Idina Menzel (2014)
Favourite song: White Christmas

How do you get a scrooge like me to listen to Christmas songs voluntarily without having them played on repeat by a radio station? Have Idina 'Freaking' Menzel sing them, of course. I have been a huge fan of Idina Menzel for years, long before Frozen was even a twinkle in Disney's eye and as soon as I saw this album in HMV, I just had to have it. I was literally bouncing up and down like a hyperactive child. So my boyfriend bought it for me and gave it to me as an early Christmas present. So, cue us listening to it on the drive home from Belfast and just catter walling along to her amazing voice and melting at the same time. The arrangements are immaculate and a little different than what you knew growing up but not outrageously so as some versions that I've had the misfortune of hearing. A lot of covers these days tend to go for the power tone (usually in the wrong place too) and Idina's arrangements don't do that. She doesn't go for the Mariah notes or the power tones which is so refreshing and it means that I can actually sing along. Love that woman!

1989 - Taylor Swift (2014)
Favourite Song : Style

Ah, T-Swizzle! Who hasn't fallen in love with this album? This is Taylor's first foray into the pop music scene with an album that has been specifically produced to have that pop sound inspired by the music of the 80s and 90s, the deciades when we were mere babies. It is a far cry from Taylor's country roots and you can tell that it is something totally different but it you're like me and read the 'Thanks' in CDs, you will know that this new style came from Taylor's need to tell her stories in different ways. And I love it. This album is so easy to listen to and before you know it, you're on the final song. I can easily listen to this over and over again without a care.

Now That's What I Call Musicals (2014)
Favourite Song: Defying Gravity by Idina Menzel

I love musicals. I always have. I don't know an awful lot of them but I do love the ones that I do. It's difficult to find a musical compilation album that has even one song from a musical that I truly love or a good version of a song that is a favourite. I bought this one purely because it had Idina Menzel singing a live version of 'Defying Gravity' (all my Elphaba girls say 'hey'!) from Wicked and 'Tomorrow' from Annie. Plus, it has songs that are sung by the appropriate people. Hearing 'I Dreamed A Dream' sung by a bloke is weird. This CD has a woman singing it. Win. That way I can sing (attempt to anyway) along with it.

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