Confessions Of A Retail Assistant

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Working in retail can be rewarding and yet it can be the a very thankless job too. Working shifts that start before the sun even does, dealing with customers that think they're entitled to your very blood and having to deal with Hell in general.

Taking inspiration from DizzyBrunette3's incredibly hilarious and true post || here || here is my take on retail work; The Confessions of A Retail Assistant.

When that alarm goes off at 5am.

When customers come up to you and bark what they want without a word beforehand.

When a customer hits you with their trolley, on purpose, to get you to move.

When customers tell you that items have been moved when they in fact haven't moved in years.

A customer goes on and on, explaining an item in detail and you know exactly what it is.

When customers don't put things back where they belong.
Because clothes go in the freezer section, duh!

When colleagues put things in the wrong place

When colleagues over pack shelves.

A customer asks you for help when you're already helping somebody

You ask if you can help with anything else and they reply with 'Pay for this/Lottery numbers'.

When something is out of stock and the customer is a bitch about it.

Trying to make small talk with the customers.

When managers ask for people to go home early.

When you come out of the chillers.

When you're finished work and the uniform regulations end.

When it's time to go and somebody goes to ask you for help

Trying to get away from that customer that won't stop talking

Doing your own shopping after work and customers ask you for help.
Bitch, don't you see my basket and my handbag?

When it's Christmas week.

When you finish on Christmas Eve.

Dealing with that customer that is a pure bitch/bastard without losing your temper.

The woes of a retail assistant. There are good moments and there is immense craic to be had with my colleagues and customers that are regulars and people that I know. Yet there are moments when I want to shut the doors and not allow a single customer in, or colleague.

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