Get The Look || Sharon Raydor [Major Crimes 3x15 Chain Reaction]

Friday, 26 December 2014

Sharon Raydor in casual attire? Be still my beating heart! And you wanna know what's more? It's totally my style! What does that say about me? My style is similar to that of one of Mary McDonnell's character? I'll take that! Whenever Sharon stepped into that police tent on Monday's new episode of Major Crimes (3x15 Chain Reaction), I nearly died from the gorgeousness. I'm serious. I loved everything about the outfit - the jacket, the top, the jeans and the boots. Oh the boots! Don't even get me started on the hair and the make-up or all you will see is an incoherent keymash of epic flailing proportions. Nevertheless, after a nap, I started sourcing the outfit and here is what I managed to find...

o1 - Biker Jacket || H&M || £34.99
o2 - V-neck top || George at Asda || £3.50 - Plum
o3 - MOTO Dark Vintage Leigh Jeans || TopShop || £38.00
o4 - Dark Blue Authentic Skinny Jeans || New Look || £22.99

I gave two options for the jeans because sometimes the jeans that Sharon has on can look darker or slightly lighter. Plus, Mary's legs are so slim that the jeans look sightly flared at the ankle allowing the boots to be tucked underneath. Besides, options are good, right? Speaking of options, I found four options for the boots. These were a pain in the backside trying to source because at times they can look black and at times they can look chocolate or with a wide ankle or a high ankle or with a block heel or a wedged heel. It depends on what scene you're looking at - cursed camera angles. But the way she wears her jeans, the cuff appears to be over the boot and so you'd need a narrow ankled boot.
o1 - Chocolate Pointed Ankle Boot || Dorothy Perkins || £31.20
o2 - Pellas Heeled Ankle Boot || Linea at House of Fraser || £29.00 *only available in black
o3 - Leather Block Heel Biker Boot || Matalan || £45.00
o4 - Ninety Tassel Detail Boot || Dune at Topshop || £115

I don't know about you but that jacket is definitely on my wish list. It's positively gorgeous. In terms of boots, I got a pair of chocolate ankle boots at a shop in town. I'm sure my Mum will be glad to have her own ankle boots back.

I hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas.

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