Mistletoe Kisses // Tanya Burr

Friday, 12 December 2014

I adore Tanya Burr's lip-glosses. As a result, her limited edition release 'Mistletoe Kisses' was on the top of my list of lip glosses that I wanted needed in my life. Every time I checked the Superdrug website to order it, it was sold out and the Superdrug in Belfast didn't have it. As soon as I saw it in stock online, it was added to my basket faster than oxygen was added to my lungs!

Mistletoe Kisses is a gorgeous red gloss but don't let that fool you! There is glitter in it! Doesn't that just scream Christmas? It's the perfect way to add a little bit of shimmer into your day-to-day look without going over the top, especially during the Christmas season. 

From my first Tanya Burr Cosmetics purchase I have loved everything about the range. The packaging is beautifully chic. It's very striking without trying to mimic anything else. You know it's Tanya Burr went you look it. 

In the past I have never been a lover of lipglosses. I've always preferred lipsticks in whatever shape or form that they come in. The formulation and consistency of lipglosses never really grew up me despite trying multiple times. Until Tanya Burr's lipglosses. The consistency of Mistletoe Kisses is sublime! It feels instantly moisturising upon the lips with a slight tackiness that just speaks of it's lasting power. It's great for those that aren't too confident with having a bold red-lip. The formula of Mistletoe Kisses makes it very buildable so that you can use a light coat or build it up to something bolder and striking. It can also make red lipstick pop to new heights when worn over. I used Mistletoe Kisses over L'Oreal's Blake's red lip Color Riche lipstick for a night out and it completely blew my mind.

This gloss is so easy to apply. I love the applicator design that Tanya Burr's lipglosses have. The wand is almost like a doe foot but just slightly different. It fits the lips perfectly and you can get to those areas that I'm sure we all struggle with. It glides over the bottom lip effortlessly and can hug your Cupid's Bow with ease. Plus, it bends to the contours of your mouth. It's flawless.

Mistletoe Kisses does photograph lighter than it really is but that could just be my poor skills as a selfie-photographer. 

It is a limited edition lipgloss so you better get your hands on it while you can!

Superdrug - £6.99 *Out of stock at publication
Cloud10 Beauty - €8,50

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