Rimmel Rita Ora || "Bestival Blue"

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I've put away my dark reds and purple nail varnishes and have started to ease myself into the more Spring appropriate hues. Cue Rimmel's Bestival Blue offering from their Rita Ora collection.

Be Bold For Spring

Monday, 27 April 2015

I'm pushing the boat out on this one and pushing myself out of my comfort zone and embracing bold, bright lipsticks. Deep breaths, people! I love bright lipsticks. I do. I have a number of them in my collection and look at them longingly for the day when I can wear them, i.e. Spring. I dream of having that beautiful orange-red lip or that bright pink pout. But, I'm a massive coward and chicken out at the last minute before going out the door and I opt for a more neutral colour. Therefore in this post, I'm putting myself out there and I'm wearing those brighter lipsticks.

TUTORIAL || Gamora [The Guardians of the Galaxy] Inspired Makeup Look

Friday, 24 April 2015

This week's Fandom Friday post was inspired largely by what I managed to create during Star Trek Week and my best friend. I had tremendous fun creating the makeup looks for the uniform departments used in Star Trek. I honestly think that I surprised myself with what I managed to create using the colours that I did because I would never have normally reached for them as they're so bold and in-your-face. In stepping out of my comfort zone, I found that I unexpectedly loved it and found that I could do more than I believed that I could. It was my best friend's birthday last week and she's a huge fan of Guardians of the Galaxy (she's saved under Gamora on my phone, no lie) and so I asked her if I should do a makeup look inspired by Gamora and I got a resounding YES!

My Current Foundation Routine #2

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

It's Spring, friends and with new makeup purchases and new skin needs comes a new foundation routine. When doing my tutorials here, I found that it was getting very repetitive to type out the foundation part because it rarely changed. I decided that I would create this post so that I can link it back and not take twenty minutes typing it up in every post.

Post-Lent Makeup Haul

Monday, 20 April 2015

I'm not sure how much I talked about it over here on my blog but for Lent I gave up makeup buying. Yes, another self-imposed makeup ban. I had gone a bit cray when in Manchester and Shrove Tuesday wasn't that long after it so it was as good an excuse as any to save some money. I don't think that it worked because my bank balance still despised me. However, Easter was the other week and so on Easter Tuesday, my friend and I went to Belfast and did done shopping. Here's what I've bought post-Lent....

TUTORIAL || Mary McDonnell LAPD Banquet Inspired Makeup

Friday, 17 April 2015

Annnnd we're back to the Mary McDonnell Fandom Friday posts. Have you missed those? This post is a spur of the moment one. I hadn't planned a Mary related post for this week but then Mary's makeup artist, Kristina Vogel posted > this < photo to her Twitter account and BAM, this week's post was born!

My Greek Silver Sterling Rings

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

If you've been looking closely at my makeup tutorials and posts talking about nail varnishes (which are few and far between), then you will have noticed that I wear the same rings on my fingers all the time. In this post, I'm going to share with you closer pictures of my rings and why I permanently wear them on my hands.

On my right hand is the first of my two rings. I bought this one first back in 2013 whilst on holiday. I bought it on the very last evening that I spent on the Royal Caribbean ship, Splendour of the Seas. I went to the shopping centre of the ship with my Mum to check out the final night sale. I kept returning to this ring in the boutique as the design really caught my eye and with a $20 price tag, I just couldn't turn away from it! It's a Greek silver sterling ring with the Greek key/Greek fret design cut into it. The main shape is moulded into a kind of V-crown shape. I wear it with the point facing towards me because I find that it feels more comfortable that way and looks nicer. Plus, at work I'm less likely to catch it on the shelves with it pointing the way that I have it.
I've always preferred silver jewellery as I feel that it compliments my pale skin.
My other ring is worn on the middle finger of my left hand. I bought this ring almost precisely a year later while on holiday on the same ship, Splendour of the Seas. It's a basic round Greek silver sterling ring with the same design cut into it.
Why did I two that are basically the same?
I have a great love for Greek jewellery and Greek mythology. Whilst on Splendour of the Seas, both times, I was extremely fortunate enough to visit several Greek islands and the Greece mainland itself. I was always more excited to visit Greece than any place else because I knew that I would be visiting places that would have such incredible history behind it. My username is Kazzie Athena. Athena is my favourite of the Greek goddesses and the mythology surrounding her really captured my imagination, and I have a fondness of owls and she is the Goddess of Wisdom, amongst other things - one of her symbols being the owl. Visiting the likes of Mykonos, Santorini, Kafalonia, Katakolon and Athens (to name a few), meant the absolute world to me because of my love for Greek mythology. I learnt so much at those places. I visited the Ancient Olympic stadium, the Parthenon in Athens and I soaked it all in. Therefore, when I saw the rings and the designs, I wanted to take a little bit of Greece home with me.
On a more random note, it links me to Star Trek in the most roundabout way. My favourite character in Star Trek: The Next Generation is Deanna Troi, played by Marina Sirtis. Marina is an absolute hoot. If you're a fan, watch her convention panels on YouTube and you'll see why I utterly adore her. I haven't met her but I would love to one day. To make my point and finally link this point altogether, Marina is Greek. Basically, that's it. Marina is Greek, she plays Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation, one of my favourite fandoms. A slightly contrived connection but it works for me.
But what does the design mean?
I originally believed that it was a kind of infinity design because it could be repeated over and over - the shower guard on the shower in my bathroon has this design running around the outside of it. But some more research shows that it's a Key or Meander design and can represent a multitude of things, symbolising neverending bonds of love, friendship and devotion, also eternal life, the meander of life or endless creative energy. I guess it's all up to the wearer or designer to see what they see in the design. I personality like the idea of the infinity symbol, the neverending whether that is friendship, love, life or creativity.
I love these rings and I rarely, if ever, take them off. They are two of my most treasured items of jewellery collection. The next time you see them appear in a video or post, you'll know where I got them and why I wear them constantly.

March Favourites 2015

Monday, 13 April 2015

It's that time again where I share with you all the things that made March special for me. It was a very exciting and exhausting month because it was St. Patrick's Day here in Ireland, I was the lighting designer and operator for the production of The King and I by my local amateur musical society and it was generally a very happy month for me so let's dive into the favourites.

TUTORIAL || Deanna Troi Inspired Makeup Look [Star Trek: The Next Generation]

Friday, 10 April 2015

As you may have gathered from a couple of posts this week, Deanna Troi is one of my favourite characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek in general too. I adore her, I adore Marina Sirtis and I always have and probably always will. I know that there are many fans out there that don't like her and that's okay - to each their own, but it's not going to change the fact that she's one of my favourites. Therefore, to close Star Trek Week here on this blog, I'm going to do a makeup tutorial inspired by the makeup that Deanna sported through the series and movies.

TUTORIAL || Star Trek Inspired Makeup Look [Sciences Blue]

Thursday, 9 April 2015

We've reached the last in the tutorials of the Starfleet departments, the Sciences. This colour is such an awkward one to even classify as it has been pure blue and it has been green and it's been a blue-green kind of shade. I can't put a name to the colour. For the sake of this look, I've gone for that blue tinged green.

GET THE LOOK || Counselor Deanna Troi [Star Trek: The Next Generation]

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Continuing with the Star Trek theme for this week, I'm bringing you a couple of outfit inspirations from my favourite character from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deanna Troi. Deanna's wardrobe was by far the most colourful of the TNG characters, not to mention incredibly feminine to showcase Marina Sirtis' enviable figure!

TUTORIAL || Star Trek Inspired Makeup Look [Operations Gold]

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Welcome to the second tutorial of Star Trek Week. In today's post, we're going to cover the Operations Gold departmental colour. Originally the Gold shirt was the colour of the Command crew - we all remember Kirk wearing a gold shirt. From The Next Generation onwards, gold has been the department colour of the Operations crew. The JJ Abrams universe have kept the original colours and have Chris Pine in Gold. For the sake of argument, I'm using The Next Generation through Voyager colours pattern.

Star Trek and Me

Monday, 6 April 2015

Whenever I tell someone that I am a fan of Star Trek, they always seem taken aback and shocked that "someone like me" would be interested in such a thing. Someone like me? What does that even mean? I encounter this reaction an awful lot with things that I'm interested in, and it's not limited to Star Trek. But let me let you in on a little secret, how I stumbled upon Star Trek is even more of a conumdrum for 'someone like me'. This is how I became a Star Trek fan.

TUTORIAL || Star Trek Inspired Makeup Look [Command Red]

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy First Contact Day, everyone!! Happy First what? Sorry, I think some explanation is needed for the non-Star Trek fans out there - today is First Contact Day. On April 5th, 2063, Earth will make first contact with the alien race known as the Vulcans. It's all explained in the movie, Star Trek VIII First Contact. That movie is by far my favourite of all the movies, all 12 (new ones included). It's just so good! I'm probably going to go watch it again after writing this post up. To celebrate First Contact Day, or FCD for short, I'm bringing you a week of daily Star Trek related posts, starting today!

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