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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Continuing with the Star Trek theme for this week, I'm bringing you a couple of outfit inspirations from my favourite character from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deanna Troi. Deanna's wardrobe was by far the most colourful of the TNG characters, not to mention incredibly feminine to showcase Marina Sirtis' enviable figure!
From Deanna's wardrobe, I chose two outfit for inspiration. One being one of her most popular outfits amongst fans (though Marina's most hated because it was a head to toe all-in-one dress), the turquoise chiffon-like overdress and tights. The other outfit made several appearances over the course of about five seasons (seasons 3 through 7) and one of my favourites, her deep blue Bardot off-the-shoulder dress (The Price, Hollow Pursuits, The Nth Degree & Parallels to name a few episodes #nerd).

It was difficult to get an exact colour match for this outfit but with Spring beginning and the Summer months right in front of us, the shops on the highstreet are becoming to get in ever more colourful items and that suits Deanna's style down to a tee! I found this gorgeous skater dress on the New Look website and thought that it would be perfect for emulating Deanna and her style. I love skater dresses. I love their shape and how the skirt moves and flatters every shape.
The key to most of Deanna's looks is to match practically everything. Naturally, it's difficult to do that but I found these gorgeous Petrol Blue court shoes that have a bit of detail to them. We never get a great look at Deanna's shoes with this outfit but they do look quite detailed but it's so seamless that you can hardly notice if it's the shoe design or the tights. To finish the ensemble, you can add in a pair of opaque coloured tights. With the weather, that's optional.
The deep blue dress that Deanna wore really showcased her sultry vixen when being someone's fantasty women (*cough*Reg*cough*) or showing her truly feminine side when off-duty. Therefore, with the dresses above, I tried to capture that aura. The main selling point of this outfit is the Bardot neckline that draws the attention straight to Marina's impeccable décolletage - I mean, just look at it! I have serious envy! Real and true envy, people.
These dresses have the best of both worlds. The New Look dress has the Bardot necline and is in the most gorgeous shade of blue and hugs the figure. Then the Boohoo dress has the sweeping overskirt that adds that little bit extra to the look without being too much. I just want to take a minute to discuss the Asymmetric heels from New Look. Can we can talk about it? OH MY GOD! Aren't they fabulous! The Boohoo courts are making my heart flutter too.
Finish this look off with sheer black tights and you'll be channeling your inner Troi in an empathic minute!
Last but by no means least, add that final and official touch to your look by adding your commbadge! I bought mine from the Forbidden Planet store in Belfast.
Stay tuned to my next post on a makeup look inspired by Deanna. Yeah, I did say that she was my favourite, remember?
Live long and prosper!

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