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Monday, 9 February 2015

Like with Zoella's book, I had to get Tanya Burr's book, Love, Tanya. I was in a very bad mood when I went to Waterstones to purchase this but as soon as I saw that it was in stock before the official publication date, my mood instantly lifted. The little sneak peeks that Tanya gave of this book in her vlogs and social media made it very appealing to me.

I started to read it that night. The first thing that I noticed was that it reads as if Tanya is sitting right next to you reading it aloud. It has a conversational style of writing that makes for an enjoyable read. Sometimes the sentences do go off in tangents, as we tend to do when we speak, and I had to go back over what I missed. But that could be just my poor attention span. At times, I'm not a fan of conversational writing styles but for the type of book that this is, it works. 

The books has twelve chapters that vary in content from chapters about Growing Up, Skincare, Make-Up, Fashion, Love and Life to name but a few. 

What I loved about the book were the Top 10s that Tanya includes at the end of every chapter. They're extremely helpful as they range from make-up must haves to date-night ideas and pointers on what to do when going on a date and pointers for when you're having problems with anxiety. I particularly enjoyed that because I have felt anxious in the past, particularly when stressed and frustrated. Also, I loved reading about how Tanya became interested in make-up and how she became trained as a make-up artist. That's very encouraging for those of us that don't have the confidence or resources to take formal training. Read it for yourself, it's good!

The photographs in the book includes gorgeous, professionally shot images of Tanya that punctuate each chapter cover and candid photos taken by Tanya with her phone and camera. Tanya herself took all of the photographs for the baking section. I just wanted to reach in and grab a cookie because they looked that delectable! 

However, there is one thing about this book that wasn't for me. I understand that it's a lifestyle book but I feel like it's aimed at a younger audience. I'm not saying that I don't like the book. I do really like it. But I'm twenty-six and I feel that the main demographic is older teenagers and young adults of around university age, 18-21 years of age. Another thing was that the common trend in books these days is the invitation to the reader to write in it and personalise it. I personally don't like to write on books. I've only done that on university books where I couldn't have cared less what happened to them. Each chapter ends with a serious of lists where you're asked to write down your own Top Tens. I personally won't be using this part of the book. The pages are just so beautifully glossy that I cannot bring myself to ruin them with my scrawling handwriting. 

Love, Tanya is a lovely book that anyone can read so if this is something that you think would suit you, pick it up, grab a cup of tea and sit back and relax. I did learn an awful lot from this book and have it sitting on my drawers so that I can reach it easily and have a read. 

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