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Friday, 16 January 2015

Remember when I posted the Style Icons || Mary McDonnell post a couple of months ago? If not, let's take a little stroll down memory lane by clicking here. All coming back to you now? Awesome! I said that this "Style Icons" kind of post would become a feature on this blog and I know that it has been a while, but here is the next of my style icons. Next up is 'Stargate Barbie' herself, Amanda Tapping. Unlike with the post for Mary McDonnell, this won't be a What-I-Learnt-From-Her-Style post but rather a 'Favourite Red/Purple Carpet Looks' post.

Amanda's style has changed quite a lot over the years. Her style has become more daring, going for more striking pieces than simple and expected ones. That has come in part from her maturity and also, her hair colour. Our styles naturally tend to change when our hair colour changes because sometimes a certain hair colour doesn't suit a certain shade or cut. It happens and it's happened to me when I've experimented with different hair colours. With her dark hair, she opted repeatedly for black dresses with various different styles therein. As a natural blonde, she had picked black for more formal occasions and brighter colours for other occasions. However, there are not a lot of pictures available from events from when she was blonde. Or not where I absolutely loved the look enough to include it in this post. So without further ado, in no particular order...

Leo Awards - 2013
This is certainly the most unexpected look that Amanda Tapping has taken by going for the tailored tuxedo look. I would never have expected this from her on a red carpet. The tailored jacket fits her like a glove, nipping in at her waist and accentuating her curves. The drainpipe, slightly cropped trousers show off her impossibly long, slim legs and slight ankles.  The simple up-do and accessories pull everything together for a crisp, mature and classic look. 

EW Magazine & Syfy Channel Comic-Con Party - 2011
With an event wardrobe that is black by default, this was certainly a look that took me by surprise. An asymmetric dress with a beautiful blue design that catches the eyes is something that we're definitely not used to from Amanda Tapping's wardrobe. It's such a colourful dress with several gorgeous shades of blue running all over it with the focus in the middle as if it's been bunched together and cascaded down. The long sleeve on the one side gives a beautiful shape to the dress. Had it been sleeveless, it may have given it a more formal look but the one sleeve makes it slightly casual. And I am a sucker for asymmetrical hems on a dress.

NBC Universal Press Tour All-Star Party - 2008
This is such a cute dress in my opinion. It's a simple black dress but the cut out detailing at the bust takes it away from that simplicity towards sophistication without being too much. I don't have a lot to say much about this dress beyond that it's adorable and very pretty and that it's one of my favourites. I think that this outfit was one of her first outings as a brunette and so she may have been experimenting with what works. It would have looked very nice with her natural hair colour too.

Syfy Upfronts - 2010
What makes this outfit a favourite for me is the simplicity of it. She wears a neat little black dress that has a little detailing at the top to catch the eye and give the dress a little oompf while sitting beautifully on her figure. Sheer black tights, silver accessories and plain black patent heels bring the entire ensemble together for a classy, feminine look. Plus, her hair and make-up are a-MAY-zing! 

Sanctuary Screening at the Paley Center - 2008
Another beautifully simply dress that really highlights Amanda's curves. I love the folded back collar detail and the little belt at the waist. It looks so sophisticated. My only issue with this outfit is that the shoes were the wrong choice in my opinion. The wide band of the shoe seems to cut the length of her leg dead. This may sound weird but it seems to stop the flow. You get Leg, leg, leg, SHOE! It seems to cut the length of her leg and make her legs appear shorter than they really are. I feel that simple pointed toe shoes would have been better. All in all, still a classic look.

21st Annual Gemini Awards - 2006
Hellooooo, Stargate Barbie! This is the only look that Amanda has on this list that is truly formal. Yes, she's had lovely dresses for the Leo Awards in recent years, but this is in a league of it's own. A floor-length black gown with gorgeous strap detailing at the back, cross-over detailing at the waist that add a certain level of sexiness to the look without being garish. I love the gold diamante detailing at the straps. So eye-catching and so complimentary to her blonde hair. Exquisite and beautiful. 

I really do adore Amanda Tapping's style and I especially love seeing how it has changed over the years. When she was Samantha Carter on Stargate SG-1, her style appeared to be a little uncertain, as in good but not quite there. Somehow, by playing Helen Magnus in Sanctuary and having brunette hair, Amanda seemed to have emerged from a cacoon into this sophisticated woman who knew exactly what she wanted to wear and what complimented her and what didn't. Those types of transformations are amazing and I doff my cap to her for that. Right on, Amanda!

There will be more posts regarding Amanda Tapping. If this is something that you would like to see, please stop by again and use the tag for Amanda Tapping to keep track of all posts relevant to her. What looks of Amanda Tapping have you loved?


  1. Great post! I absolutely adore Amanda. She is one of my faves ever. ♥ I can only agree with this list and I also feel like she changed quite a bit during the Sanctuary phase. I mean I would love to own some of the outfits she wore as Helen Magnus ♥
    xx Kate

    1. Thank you, Kate! ♥ Amanda is definitely one of my favourites. Amanda, Mary and Kate Mulgrew are my top three faves. I got into Sanctuary and Stargate at the same time and fell completely in love. I adored Helen's style throughout Sanctuary's run. I think I did a 50 outfits of Helen Magnus post over on my Livejournal account. Is that a subtle hint for a Get The Look post for Helen Magnus? ;-)

      ~ Kazzie x

  2. love her style♥ she is amazing.
    What if we follow each other? Let me know, sweetie!




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