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Monday, 19 January 2015

When I became interested in make-up back in May last year, I spent a copious amount of hours watching YouTube videos. I literally spent days just watching these beauty gurus gush about this product and that product and what suits what skin tone and what doesn't suit. I didn't know the first thing about make-up or what even went where. Yes, I was that clueless. They would recommend this product and be completely truthful about what they like and don't like. I was hooked on every word like it was gospel. I wouldn't put a thing to my face until I knew that it was good. I would then go to Boots and pick up what they recommended and what I thought would suit. I'm subscribed to 83 channels on YouTube, some beauty and some not. Below are five of my favourite beauty YouTubers of the moment. This will always be subject to change as I find new channels.

In alphabetical order;

What can I say about Amelia? Her personality is infectious, she is drop-dead gorgeous and her wardrobe is to die for! Her tutorials are incredible and I feel my brain just soaking in all the information that Amelia imparts and the inspiration she gives for looks that I would love to attempt whenever I'm going on a night out or shopping. Her beyond adorable dog Duke makes a cameo every now and then in her videos and more so in her vlogs. 

Estée is adorkable. Fact. She has such a great personality that you feel like your best friend is chatting away with you about make-up and food and life all while holding a great big cup of hot tea when you are watching her videos. She doesn't proclaim to be an expert or perfect at doing make-up which is so refreshing when there are channels by professional make-up artists out there and Estée is just living life and being a boss about it. Plus, she's says what we're all thinking but she just has the brass ones to say it and say it on YouTube. The boob blush, am I right?

Ingrid was the very first YouTuber that I watched regarding beauty videos and I was hooked. I think I watched about 20 of her videos in one day. She is so endearingly awkward and she embraces it. It makes me feel less conscious about my own awkwardness and randomness especially when you don't know what to say when filming intros and outros for videos. Ingrid gives amazing tips and uses a vast array of products, going from drugstore to high-end and recommending dupes for her high-end favourites. 

Tanya Burr. Tanya is adorable. Her videos are so educational for me because she explains what she is doing and why she's doing it which is incredibly helpful for newbs and seasoned pros alike. You can never learn too much when it comes to beauty and what looks you can achieve. Tanya frequently does tutorials on how to achieve a popular celebrity's look from an event. Plus, she has her own make-up range which is incredible. I own three of her lipglosses and they are phenomenal. Oh, and she has tutorials for baking! It's an all encompassing channel so you can't go wrong with Tanya!

Tati is extraordinary. She literally is a guru and I don't mean that in the negative way that it's come to be known as but Tati knows her stuff. She is so up-to-date on what is new in the drugstore and Sephora and in all the brands that are out there. She is completely honest and explains in detail why she doesn't like a product and sometimes shows her reaction to said dud product. Priceless moments right there. Her looks are so versatile by using high-end and drugstore and recommending dupes that are more budget friendly. As a professional make-up artist she dishes out tips and tricks that us non-pros would give our right arm to know. Plus,she is so sweet and I could listen to her voice all day long.

I'm subscribed to a lot of the beauty channels on YouTube and I could feature them all here because they all offer something that another one doesn't and I love that about YouTube. Who are some of your favourite beauty YouTubers? 

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