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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

I am finally getting around to writing about the eyeshadow palette that has made an appearance in practically 90% of my makeup tutorials. If I'm not using one of the shadows as a transition shade or a skin tone shade, I'm using it for the more adventurous looks that I've been experimenting with lately. This palette has an amazing selection of colours so that you can get your natural looks, your smokey looks and your OMG looks. So here are my thoughts on the palette that I'm clearly smitten with. 

In the palette, you get 12 eyeshadows. All of them are matte, as you would expect from a palette that is named 'Ultra Matte'. 

On the top row you have; 
Orbit - deep blue-green
Ink - navy 
Highness - purple 
Noir - black
Dune - sandy-fleshy colour
Pillow Talk - white

On the bottom row you have; 
Thunder - grey
Maple - a warm brown
Flesh - a peachy-tone shadow
Paper Bag - a dark brown
Villain - a purple-toned brown
Fern - dark green 

Some of the shadwos feel creamery than others. They aren't butter smooth as there is a resistance to some of them. The more flesh toned shadows (Dune, Flesh and Paper Bag) feel a lot smoother than their more pigmented pals. The likes of Orbit, Ink and Villain, whilst extremely pigmented, also tend to have fall out, even when the excess is tapped from the brush. Even when touched in the pan, they have fall out and it can get messy. When using these shadows it would be best to do your foundation and concealer after doing your eye makeup. Or if you don't mind fallout and touching it all up afterwards... Work your own magic. 

Despite the texture and fallout,  I find that they're all very blendable. I haven't come across any problems with blending them out, even the more pigmented ones have blended easily and don't crease on my lids. I used Orbit in my Star Trek Sciences Department Tutorial and I used Ink and Highness on my Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy tutorial. They all work beautifully on the lid and the pay off is impressive. 

In terms of longevity, I haven't been wearing a look created with this palette long enough to really test it's longevity. Whenever I do go out using this palette, I've tended to used Flesh in the crease, Dune over the lid and Paper Bag on the outer corner and crease. Typically I used this look for shopping and I'm out for about two to three hours. The shadows certainly lasted that long. 

Noir isn't the blackest of the black eyeshadows but it'll do in a pinch to line the lashline lightly or to set a liquid liner or darken up a shadow that's already there. Finding a white eyeshadow that is pigmented enough to sit on the lids without being chalky is a task in itself. Pillow Talk sadly does not fit the bill. It swatches nicely when you dab your finger into it but it sadly doesn't translate to the lid. I would not recommend using a brush with this particular shade and would instead recommend using your finger if you want to apply this shadow to your eyelid. 

The palette comes with a brush (which I've thrown away as it one of those double-ended foam doofers) and a huge mirror. If I'm not using the shadows in a tutorial, you can bet that I'm using the mirror. It's massive and it has great magnification. Whenever I'm using it, I can get right into my lashline. 

It's a nifty wee palette. I bought this palette on a whim because I wanted Fern for a tutorial that I have yet to do! However, I did fall in love with Orbit when I saw it as it was around the time that I was planning the Star Trek Week tutorials and knew that it would be perfect. Since picking up this palette, I've used about 80% of the shadows. There are a couple that I have yet to use, namely, Pillow Talk and Villain. 10 out of 12 shadows ain't bad going. For something that I picked up for £7.99 one day in Boots, it has certainly proved it's worth. It's a nifty little palette and you can create so many looks with it. That's why it was the palette that I took with me to Barcelona and it may be with me on the cruise holiday I'm currently on (that and two other palettes because a girl has to have choices). I really adore this palette and lift it practically every day that I'm doing my makeup.

It's available at Boots and Superdrug or Sleek's website for £7.99.

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  1. Hey, can you link the narural/smokey tutorials you've done using this palette? Thank you!


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