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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

In recent months Ciaté have been expanding into the makeup market. to add to their much raved about nail varnish line. I have never tried anything from this brand before. I have seen Ciaté raved about on blogs and YouTube videos and seen gift sets during the run up to Christmas but I've never taken the plunge to actually buy anything. That all changed in Monte Carlo's Sephora when I saw this little guy on the Stand of Doom that housed brushes, roll on perfumes and some sample sized products. I picked this up.

Okay, so you picked it up, now what? What makes this different to some of the creme blushes that I've seen on the market is that it comes in a stamp-like applicator. Most of the creme blushes are packaged just like any other blushes - they come in a compact or a pan where you can either use a blush or your fingers to apply the product to your cheeks. 

The design of this makes it so easy to keep a hold of when applying it. I found it very easy to control with this applicator. The dome is small enough that you can just dab the perfect amount onto the apple of your cheek without having to worry about having a huge clown stamp that you'll have to blend out. Also, how cute does that look? The little bows everywhere. ♥ #LOVE 

The blush is beautifully pigmented. It's pigmented to a great degree for a cheek stamp. It's not too much and it's not too little. When you dab it onto your cheek, you know that it's there. It can come off a little patchy because it isn't a perfect dome due to the bow embossed on the top. The shade that I picked up is 'The One' which is a nice coral-toned pink and it suits my skin tone nicely.

Now to the Million Dollar Question. How well does it blend out?

It blends out like a dream. There is a fear with creme blushes that it'll set in an instant and that you'll have to really work at your cheek to blend it out but ultimately rub your face raw instead of having blush. 

Fear not. This blends out beautifully. I just use my fingers to blend it out as I feel that the warmth really made it blendable. There is time between application, setting the stamp down and blending. You can use a brush too if you prefer to do that. I would use a stippling brush if I were to use a brush. 

The formula is soft, blendable and more over, buildable. If you're nervous about using it or just want a nice and natural flush, you can use a single tap and blend it out. Or if you've blended too much, you can dab it on again and build up the colour. 

TIP: When using this, apply this before you set your foundation and concealer with powder. It's best to keep similar textures together. A creme product will not look good when placed on top of a powder product so try and keep similiar textures together by applying this on top of your creme or liquid foundation or concealer and then setting with a translucent powder. 

For such an impulse buy, this has been quite the surprise. I have reached for this a couple of times whilst I've been doing my makeup and I've really loved the results. Thumbs up to Ciaté!

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