The Scarlet Witch [Marvel] Inspired Makeup Tutorial Now Live On YouTube

Sunday, 12 July 2015

As I mentioned in my last post - Batman inspired makeup look complete with video tutorial - I will be going back and uploading a few of my tutorials from Fandom Friday to YouTube. The majority of them will be silent because I didn't plan on editing them at the time and so there was no point in being particularly chatty 

The look that I created for The Scarlet Witch from Marvel was definitely one of my favourites. I absolutely loved how it turned out so it was only natural that the footage from this would be next in line to be edited. 

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  1. Great video! I really love this look (like I told you before :)) and it is really cool to see it in video form.
    When you applied Twig I noticed how much different it looks on me. The colour of ones ~natural~ lip really makes a difference. ♥

    1. It probably helps a lot more when I say "applied it to my crease" etc. because sometimes that and I bit difficult to imagine. Twig is different on me? To me, it's my lip colour but better because my lips are so pigmented and deep considering how pale I am. ♥


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