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Wednesday, 15 July 2015


On the last two sailings with Royal Caribbean, I picked up little souvenirs that I wear practically non-stop. During my sailings on Splendour of the Seas, I picked up two rings which I wear all the time - I talked about them in this post. On my recent holiday on Vision of the Seas, Splendour's sister, I picked up a bracelet for $21. That was cheaper than either of the rings.

My Mum and I were great fans of the shopping area on Vision. We were perusing the offers and sales there practically every evening and we nabbed ourselves some pretty good bargains.

On one such evening there was a sale on their bracelets where an inch of a particular style was only $1. They had plenty of styles to choose from. It was so difficult to choose because I loved a lot of them. After a lot of decision making with the help of my Mum, I settled on this design. 

What drew me to this design was the oval segment. I loved the loop design in the centre that kind of looks like two fancy Cs facing each other. Chanel, anyone? No? Just me? Okay, moving on. 

There was a Greek Apeiron styled bracelet that I had eyed up as it's the same design as my rings. My brother bought it and I may end up stealing it. I mean, borrow. Borrow without returning because it's the same size as mine. Haha! Ssssh, don't tell him! I'll keep it safe, I promise. 

Anyway, this is my bracelet. It was seven inches with clasp. It isn't too tight or too loose. It sits perfectly for my liking. This particular bracelet style was $3 per inch and for the quality, it's worth it for sure. I'm in love with it and I haven't taken it off once. 

So this bracelet joins my rings as my mementos from a Royal Caribbean ship.

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  1. I love this bracelet, what a brilliant find. I can see the Chanel resemblance with the two 'C's facing each other. The price you paid seems very reasonable too, it looks like a good quality build and will hopefully last for years to come. It's always nice to pick up mementos to remember the places that you visit as well.


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