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Friday, 17 July 2015

Fandom Friday again, dear friends, and this week brings you a more beauty orientated tutorial, by that, I mean that it's wearable outside for those of you that don't want to sport red smokey eye or yellow and green lids. This week's tutorial is a makeup look inspired by Marvel's Agent Carter aka Peggy Carter.

Hands up those of you who fangirl Hayley Atwell and/or Agent Carter..

I adored Peggy when she first appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger. Admittedly, I haven't been watching the spin-off series Agent Carter despite it being on air for a couple of months now. It has only just premiered in the UK on Fox. I watched the repeat of the pilot episode on Monday night having missed the Sunday night premiere and I was instantly hooked. I. Loved. It. Carter is so sassy and sexy and unapologetic about all of those things. Although, I'm less than articulate in the video below. But I think I did a pretty good impression of a keymash. JAHFSDGFSAJSHUDGFSJ <<< That thing. I verbalised it. 

Anyway, like a lot of people, I became obsessed with the lip colour on Carter's lips. Thanks to Hayley Atwell's twitter page, Carter's lippy of choice is Besame's "Red Velvet" lipstick. I don't have it. I don't even think I can get it in the UK without having it shipped in from the US. A quick search online for dupes lead me to NYX Matte Lipstick "Alabama". As much as I wanted to run to my nearest stockist of NYX, (though if memory serves, it was sold out last time I was in that chemist), I bit my lip and did something else because I'm on the makeup ban to end all makeup bans. So, I made do with the red lip colours that I have in my collection. After a lot of swatching on my hand, I picked one that I think best suited.  

I recommend picking a cool-toned red lip colour. You'll know when you swatch two lip colours side by side. Though remember, your natural lip colour is vastly different to the back of your hand so don't freak out when it looks a bit different on the lips. It happens. 

This look was inspired by her makeup during the pilot episode of the show. Her eye makeup is minimal and blended with a fuller looking lash line. If you want to thicken yours up but don't want to tightline (it's not everyone's favourite thing to do), you can take a black eyeshadow and draw a thin line on your upper lashline, keeping it very close to the lashes. Remember, resist the urge to wing it out. 

I wish my eyes were as beautifully brown as Hayley's are. Though I was complimented on my eyes whilst I was on holiday.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. If you recreate it, feel free to tag me on a picture. All of my social media links are listed in the sidebar. Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend.

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