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Friday, 31 July 2015

This tutorial has been on my Fandom Friday list since the beginning yet it has taken me all this time to do it. I've been doing Fandom Fridays for about six months now and they are my favourite things to do, especially now that I can edit the footage and show you all exactly what I'm doing so it was only natural that when I decided to do Morgana that her sister, Morgause, would follow. Also, check the rest of the post for the video, some pictures and a reason why posting on this date was a fortuitous coincidence.

Morgause was my favourite character in BBC's Merlin when it was airing. I actually started watching the show around the first episode that she appeared in and absolutely fell in love with her. Back then, I was obsessed with her. I would drool over her dress, all of the intricate details that the costume designer included, her luxurious hair and the envious beads braided in and her makeup, even though I had zero interest in makeup at the time. That just goes to show how much I loved her!

Morgause rocked some serious eyeliner and, sometimes, a smokey eye depending on whether or not she was armoured up or in her incredible red dress. Armoured up, it was all about the eyes. In the dress, the action was a bit more toned back on the lower lashline but still lined nonetheless. You may notice in the video that I don't do anything with my brows except brush them. Don't fret. The footage wasn't lost or accidentally deleted. Emilia Fox's eyebrows are extremely fair and sometimes barely show up when she is Morgause. I simply didn't want to do anything with my brows as they are a smidgen darker than hers naturally. Yet ironically, my skin is probably a smidgen paler than hers so I guess turn about is fair play.

T H E   T U T O R I A L

Do you wanna know something that made today's post extra special?

Today, July 31st, is Emilia Fox's 40th Birthday!!

It completely skipped my mind that that is what this Friday's date is until a reminder popped up. My jaw hit the floor! How freaky is that? It totally wasn't planned but what an amazing happenstance that all came about because I was in the cinema last Monday watching Jurassic World again and decided to do Merlin makeup looks.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope that you enjoyed this Flashback Fandom Friday for Morgause and wish Emilia Fox a happy birthday! Next week is the last of the Merlin tutorials as I'll be doing a good Morgana le Fay look. Then after that I have a tutorial that I'm beyond excited to do as I'll be going back to the DC Verse for a couple of weeks. I just hope that I can do the looks justice as I'm positively buzzing with excitement. Have a wonderful weekend!

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