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Friday, 1 May 2015

Since last week's tutorial was for Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy, why not do a matching tutorial for her sister this week? Makes sense, right? I think so. Nebula tutorial, here we go! This tutorial is the perfect excuse for me to use blue eyeshadows as Nebula is blue and it is my favourite colour of all time. Plus on a very shallow note, Nebula is acted by Karen Gillan and I love her name. It's my name. Haha, win!

I initially wanted to do this tutorial while in Barcelona but I had too much fun doing other things that I didn't have time. However, it was the first thing that I worked on since coming home on Wednesday. This tutorial is easier than it looks. All you need are three eyeshadows; a dark blue, a purple and a black. Simple. As usual, you don't have to use the products that I do. These happen to be ones that I have in my collection. Let's get started...

I took care of my foundation routine and my eyebrows before starting to record. You can see my foundation routine HERE and to fill in my brows, I just used my Soap & Glory Archery eyebrow pencil in Blondeshell. Plus, I primed my eyelids with my concealer and set it with the setting powder from my foundation routine.

T H E   L O O K

For this look I will be using eyeshadows from the same eyeshadow palette. I'll be using Sleek's i-Divine Ultra Mattes v2 palette which has 12 insanely pigmented shadows. I took my brand new Sephora 73 Crease Shadow brush that I bought in Barcelona and dipped it into the Ink shade - a gorgeous deep blue shadow. After tapping off the excess, I blended it into my crease first before bringing the excess down onto my lid. I only took this about half-way across and inner part of my eyelid completely blank.

Next, using my Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush, I took Highness from the palette - a purple shadow - and patted it over that blank part of the eyelid. I didn't want to blend it too much into the blue shadow as I'm going to go in later to separate the two shadows.

Using the opposite side of the Base Shadow brush, I took some more of Ink and filled in that blue section.

I then took a thin brush - I used my Real Techniques Accent Brush - and took Noir (a black shadow) and drew a line where those blue and purple shadows meet. Nebula has detailing where parts of her skin are grated together and this is to mimic that piecing together at the centre of her head.

I took a flat shadow brush and blended one side of that line out into the blue section to give it some dimension. I used one from EcoTools.

On my EcoTools Duo Eye-Enhancer brush (the liner side), I took Noir to line my upper lash line. I lined my eyes rather thickly for this look. It doesn't have to be neat or perfect as long as it defines your eyes. I took it out into a wing.

I then took that shadow under my lower lashline and connected it to the wing that I drew.

I took an eyeliner, Rimmel's Special Eyes Precision Eyeliner Pencil, and lined my waterline and tightline. You don't have to do this step if you don't want to.

This next step is optional but as I intensified that inner corner, I took that purple eyeshadow past my tear duct and into a point.

I then extended the liner from my waterline and tightline down too.

I curled my eyelashes and used Maybelline's The Rocket mascara on my upper lashes only.

To add a little colour to my face. I took my NARS blush in Deep Throat on my new powder brush from Deli Plus - I love the white and metallic purple design of this brush and it is super soft! Me encanta!

You can use whatever lip product that you want but I wanted a very intense black lip for this look. Black? Yup. I'm crazy like that! I lined my lips first using NYX's 851 Black Berry lipliner.

I then went in with a black lipstick from Barry M to intensify the look. Hereby completes the look! Woohoo!

There you have it, my Nebula from The Guardians of the Galaxy inspired makeup look. I hope that you like this look as I loved putting it together for you. If you recreate it, please, please, tag me on Twitter or Instagram - @29Sapphires - I would love to see your pictures. Also, if you have any requests feel free to email me.

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you all on Monday for my next post.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Marvel, Nebula, Gamora or Ronan the Accuser. I just wanted to play around with blue and purple eyeshadows. 

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