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Friday, 22 May 2015

There is that inevitable moment when you will take that braver than brave step, go up to that counter and pick out that little piece of heaven, go to the till and you will be the proud owner of your very first MAC product. If you're anything like me, then walking up to a makeup counter is akin to walking into a party you weren't invited to. I can't explain it but I've always been nervous at them. I almost feel like people are looking at me and thinking, "What is she doing here?". My little Mind Bully, everyone. But I have started my own little MAC collection and it's all thanks to my lovely Fangirl alter ego

I wasn't so brave as to actually go near a MAC counter for my first purchase. I was a chicken and bought it from the glorious money trap that is eBay. I know. I can hear the dismay from here. I was too nervous to go up to Belfast and go to Debenhams in Castlecourt. I had just started to become interested in makeup and I knew that I would have been completely overwhelmed by everything there and asking if they had this product. As this point, Boots' makeup section was still overwhelming to me.

My first product was the MAC x Maleficent lip liner in Kiss Me Quick. I loved Maleficent when it came out last year. I went to see it four times in the cinema, yes four times, and I loved each viewing. When I heard about the makeup collection I immediately had to check it out. My eyes nearly bulged out of my head cartoon style at the pure love that I had for this collection. It looked stunning. I was completely taken by the packaging and the products available. From my love of Maleficent (live-action and animated), I knew that I had to get at least something from this collection just to say that I had it. The lip liner was going cheaper on eBay and after a moment of internal pondering, I clicked that Siren called the 'Buy Now' button.

It's a sharp, seductive red that is perfect for Maleficent and any classic red lip that you'd like (trying not to sing Taylor Swift...and failing). To me it's a rather cool-to-neutral toned red. I've heard people describe it as a yellow-red. To me though, it has a slight mauve undertone that says cool-toned to me.

It's perfect for preparing the lips for an over-top lipstick or lip gloss and wears rather well. 

Up next was a makeup brush. The MAC 217, the brush that gurus say is a must to anyone's makeup brush collection - Holy Grail material. I had actually asked for this as a birthday present but nobody listened to me. When I bought this brush, the only eyeshadow brushes that I had in my collection were cheap ones that I had bought just to experiment with, mostly for application rather than blending. This is where the MAC 217 came to my immediate rescue. I use this brush a lot and it is one of my favourites. It's so soft and blends everything out beautifully. You can tell by the pictures that it is well-loved. 

Next up is the Powerpoint Eye pencil in Bountiful Brown. This item was a must have for me - the Fangirl made me do it! - because it is the colour used by Mary McDonnell's makeup artist, Robin Siegel. I picked this up as a Christmas present to myself. It's a creamy soft, light-brown pencil that has a slight gold finish to it. It's absolutely gorgeous! I use this on days when I don't want to look like I'm wearing a lot of makeup to make my lashes look fuller. I use this to tightline pairing it with a brown mascara for a softer look.

These last two items were purchased together. I made the happy mistake (that happens a lot) of finding a site that catalogues the exact makeup used on celebrities for certain looks. I found the one for Captain Kathryn Janeway from Star Trek Voyager aka my hero. Naturally, I looked at it and 50% of it was immediately added to my wishlist. Five eyeshadows and a lipstick from MAC were used. Cue me jumping to the Debenhams website to see if they had any of them. This look is about twenty years old so I feared that some may have been discontinued...

My Fairy Godmother was looking out for me because a number of them were available. Coincidentally, I was to be in Belfast for an optician's appointment a couple of days later. After my appointment and whilst waiting to meet a friend for coffee, I popped into Debenhams. I immediately picked up the MAC satin lipstick in Twig and the MAC eyeshadow, Espresso. I had to resist lifting eyeshadows that I know Jaclyn Hill uses. The temptation was real. It was real. 

I love Twig! It's a gorgeous nude but noticeable shade that smells divine. To me it kind of smells like doughnuts. I had to try it immediately so as I sat waiting for my best friend I took it out of it's packaging, retrieved my little mirror and applied it. I could hear the MAC Hallelujah Chorus. It's a creamy, brown-pink lipstick that looks like a deep flesh lip colour on me. Twig will probably be my 'Everyday lipstick' because it really is a 'my lips but better' shade.

I had to wait a while to try Espresso out. So far I've used Espresso to define my crease as part of my everyday makeup routine or darken it up on a more smokier look. It's a neutral, matte, dark-brown eyeshadow that can have multiple uses.  I can't wait to use these two products to secretly get my Janeway on. Have you ever done that? Use a makeup item used by your favourite celebrity and pretended to embody them? Please tell me I'm not weird for doing that.

That is my teeny tiny MAC makeup collection, all five items. I love each and every one of them. I would love to add to it. At least my MAC Maleficent lip liner has some company and it's not the solitary MAC product anymore. It has friends. What are your favourite MAC products? What would you recommend as my next purchase?

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