The Concealer That I've Stocked Up On

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I need a good concealer. That's a fact because I'm not the most clever of people and I stay up way too late and I don't get enough sleep even when I'm working at 6am. Plus, my skin verges on translucent at the best of times and as a result, I need a little (read: a lot) of help to look human and simply put, alive. I have a number concealers that I chop and change between depending on my mood and needs but there is one concealer that I practically always use in my makeup routine, the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer

After hearing about this little guy for months on the blogosphere and on YouTube, I decided that once my January Makeup Buying Ban ended, that I would pick it up whilst in Manchester in February just to see if there was any hype to it. Plus, at the time, my skin was freaking out from the dryness of the travelling to Manchester and I needed a damn good concealer to cover the redness. 

I fell in love with it quickly.

The coverage is great for a drugstore product. The formula doesn't feel drying on the skin at all and it blends like an absolute dream. I use this primarily to conceal redness and brighten my under eye area. I don't use it particularly on blemishes because it is so lightening. I apply this under my eyes in a V shape so that it brightens that area and gives it a lift. I typically blend it out with a brush in soft patting motions and blend the excess to my temples. 

This also works beautifully as an eyeshadow primer. I take a small amount on my eyelids and blend it out with my finger and then set it with a powder. It counters any blue veins or discoloration on my lids and that makes applying eyeshadows so much easier and makes any look appear seamless. 

The other day when I was in Belfast, I stocked up and bought two more tubes. My first one has started to come to its last legs and sometimes when I'm looking at the Collection stands, the concealer is sold out or sold out in my shade which is 1 Fair. You can see by the pictures that I've used it so much that the lettering has somewhat vanished. 

I would definitely recommend this concealer to anybody just like 99% of the other beauty bloggers and lovers out there. It's definitely one that I will continue to repurchase over and over again as long as it is available. I may even stock up on a bunch more in case it's discontinued. The dreaded D word!!

At the moment Boots have an offer on to get it for £3.99 - normally £4.19. It's also available at Superdrug and it is available in 4 shades; Fair, Warm Medium, Cool Medium and Dark.  Will you be adding this beauty from Collection to your collection? 

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