Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Do you ever have those days when nothing goes right? There are days when you drop everything that you lift. There are days when I walk into things that I normally wouldn't and every thing just gets to me so that my chest feels tight and I can't even think. Granted, I can't think most days but on these types of days, it's worse. Those days are overwhelming and emotionally exhausting. They really take a toll on my happiness where I really struggle to find a little joy. In the past week, work has really been sucking the life out of my soul to a point where I was getting angry, frustrated and generally unhappy. Listed below are the things that made me laugh or smile in the past week.

In no particular order - they're simply the order that my brain pulled them out....

  • My Doggies.
For those of you that don't know, I have two dogs. My dogs are Border Collie-Springer Spaniel mixes. They are brother and sister from the same litter. They are the loves of my life. 

Dogs have such keen intuitions that they know when you're upset. During the week, Toby (my wee man) came into my room and jumped up on my bed for a cuddle and a kiss. The other night when I was sitting on the floor in the living room, he sat down and draped himself over my lap. It was beyond precious. On another day Millie (my lil baby girl) came up to me, kissed me over and over and cuddled right up against me. Granted it was more so that she could get a belly rub but I didn't mind because she is just such a cutie. I couldn't stay mad or upset with such beautiful creatures giving me such unconditional love. 

  • My Colleagues
When work was a pain in the backside and I wanted to run out the door screaming, my colleagues really brightened my day. Naturally there are colleagues who I want to bash across the head, scream at and generally beat up in my mind and relentlessly spear voodoo dolls made in their image. I don't have rage problems. I think... 

On my grumpy mornings the colleagues that I'm closer to never failed to make me laugh. On Friday last, a colleague and I were whinging about other colleagues and I turned around to him and spoke in Spanish. His face was priceless. I laughed for a good solid minute. The banter and craic that I get with them really make it more tolerable. Sometimes.

  • My Friends
I'll get by with a little help from my friends. The pure joy of being able to say anything to your friends and get away with it. It's real. There's nothing I love more than a good texting marathon with my friends and having a bit of craic. It certainly turns my frown upside-down.

  • YouTube
Whenever I'm feeling down, I fire up YouTube and have myself a wee marathon. There may not be anything new in my Subscription Box but that's okay. I love re-watching previously seen videos because I may not have been paying attention the first time around, or I try to find a channel that I haven't looked at and discover something new. During the past week, I watched a whole bunch of past videos from grav3yardgirl, in particular, her Follow Me Around videos. Those videos made my life.

  • Lady Antebellum 747 Album
This album has been everything to me this week. I started listening to it on Spotify and I quickly became obsessed. I listen to it whenever I'm putting my makeup on or reading or getting ready in general. I love it so much that I want it for my car! I love every single song, with Bartender and Lie With Me being my holy grail songs. I've even cracked my guitar out of storage-as-my-room-gets-finished and started to teach myself how to play a couple of the songs. That's how you know that something is loved. 

What made you happy this week?

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