My Favourite Makeup Brush of the Moment

Monday, 18 May 2015

When I went to Barcelona, I shopped and shopped and my friend enabled me to gain quite a few bargains while I was doing my best Wilma and Betty impression. You're awesome if you know where that comes from. One stop that Emma took me to Mercadona. Mercadona is fundamentally a supermarket akin to Morrisons or Asda and it has a beauty department selling some European brands and some select products from known brands e.g. Rimmel and Maybelline.

Amongst the products sold were makeup brushes. In the past few months I've become quite a magpie when it comes to makeup brushes. I want all the makeup brushes. I confess that I was feeling up the Bobbi Brown brushes for quite some time while we were in El Corte Inglés. Regret nothing. So when I saw the plethora of brushes on offer in Mercadona, I had to at least get one if I wasn't going to get them all. Gonna catch 'em all. (10 points to Gryffindor for that reference!) 

I picked up a brush by a brand called DeliPlus. I had never heard of this brand and so I hadn't read any reviews or heard any opinions on their products. Since being home, most reviews I've seen are in Spanish (which I can read) and they all seem fairly positive. Then again, we're all not looking for the same thing in our makeup brushes. 

I was firstly captivated by the gorgeous and simplistic design of the brushes. All of the brush handles are a beautiful mixture of matte-ish white and a metallic purple top. The purple is the most gorgeous shade! The brand logo and the brush type is on the bottom of the handle printed in the same metallic purple. It's so pretty. 

I picked up the Polvos brush. 'Polvos' translates, in the context of makeup, as 'powder' in Spanish. Since the definition of powder can be vague and you can throw out the rule book on what brush is used for what, I  decided to use this with my powder blushes. See, I'm still making sure it's used for powder. 

For me, it's the perfect size to dab a bit of colour onto my cheeks and then blend it out. I haven't reached for any other blush brush since having this. For some, this may not have enough precision for a blush brush but I use it with a light hand as it picks up product easily for me and I have quite fleshy cheeks.

The bristles are very soft to me and they blend the product out beautifully. I love this brush and for 6€, it's an absolute bargain. If you're heading to Spain any time soon, head to your nearest Mercadona and check out their beauty aisle.

Have you tried anything by DeliPlus?


  1. Lovely review,love your photos.That brush looks so pretty <3

    Valentina from FASHION with VALENTINA.

    1. Thank you, Valentina! It really is a beautiful brush. I can't put it down.

      ~ Kazzie


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