The Mascara That I Didn't Think I Would Like

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

I'm always up for experimenting with mascara. We have to replace them every three months so it's as good an excuse as any to get a new one. I had had my eye on this offering by L'Oreal Paris for a while. A number of YouTubers have given L'Oreal's Miss Manga mascara some affirmative thumbs up; I Covet Thee and GlamLifeGuru, I'm looking at you two. One day I was casually getting lunch and found myself in Boots with makeup in my hand, as you do, and this lil mascara spoke to me this time. Buy me, buy me

If you've been with me for a while or have read any of my previous mascara ramblings, you'll know what I look for in a mascara; volume over length. I always prefer volume because long lashes is just not a great look on me. I don't have the eyelid space. I have rather small eyes and slightly hooded lids so I don't have a lot of space to work with. So, long lashes just aren't for me. 

When I first opened this mascara, I was actually taken aback by the wand. I have a preference for wands. I'm not impressed by gimmicky wands because chances are, more mascara will end up on my eyelids than my eyelashes. My favourite wands are skinny, long and straight. My lashes are close together at the outer corner and I need a little wand to get those lashes and also need one versatile enough to coat my lower lashes. 

The wand of this mascara is cone shaped, thick at the base and getting thinner towards the tip. The bristles themselves are various lengths here and there and get shorter the further up they go. Cue me freaked out and nervous about using this wand, even if the handle of it is perfect.

I was shocked by how wrong I was. Shocked. Not only did the bristles feel super soft against my lashes, the wand was so easy to control. I was so nervous about the cone shape but it worked amazingly against the contours of my lashes. I have no doubt that the narrow end was designed to reach the inner lashes, which btw, they do and that the wider end got to the outer lashes, spoiler alert, it does that too. 

I haven't tried it on my lower lashes yet. The reason for that is that I'm on this kick where I don't wear lower lash mascara. I just am. 

I have been thoroughly impressed by this mascara. I had no idea that I was going to like it as much as I do or that it was going to become my reached for mascara of the moment, funky wand et al. It's a great mascara, it volumises and gives some length to my lashes and I'm not upset about that. It coats my fair lashes without leaving clumps or putting mascara everywhere that I don't want it. I can see why Alix and Tati have raved about this mascara. 10 points, ladies. I would definitely recommend this mascara to anyone. 

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