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Monday, 15 June 2015

My beauty wishlist keeps getting longer and longer. I blame pretty much every beauty YouTuber that I follow and Mary McDonnell's current makeup artist, Kristina Vogel. I still blame Robin Siegel too. You know that if Mary's wearing it, I gots ta have it! Within reason...

So what do I want to have in my ole' bag o' tricks that I really don't need but want anyway, hm? From the top of the image, I'm going to go clockwise and tell you the name of the product and why I want it, e.g. who I blame for putting it on my list. 

Clinique Cheek Pop
To blame: Hello October - BLOG || YOUTUBE
I have seen these blushes mentioned pretty much all over the place but more noticeably on Suzie's YouTube channel and blog. Aside from the unbelievably adorable design of these blushes (they're a freaking flower!), they look to have a colour range that would suit my skin tone more. If there is something that I like to splurge on, it's blush. I actually have enough points saved on my Boots Advantage Card that I might just treat myself to this one before I go on holiday this week. 

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
To blame: Vivianna Does Makeup [BLOG || YT] & Lily Pebbles [BLOG || YT]
This product isn't something that's very high on my list of must-haves but it has been featured on the above channels and blogs that it really has piqued my interest. 

Sephora Matte Lip Stains
To Blame: Amelia Liana - [BLOG || YT]
I was meant to pick them up when I was in Barcelona in April but I was so overwhelmed by everything in Sephora that I was like a kid in a sweetie shop and I completely forgot about these. Amelia mentions these lip stains about 90% of the time on her channel and whenever anyone that I follow is near a Sephora, be it in America, Canada or mainland Europe, they make sure to get at least one shade of this. It's my mission on my holiday to hit up a Sephora in either Barcelona or Venice and get one of these. At least.

Makeup Forever Pro Bronzer
To Blame: Kristina Vogel [TWITTER]
Kristina tweeted a photo of the bronzer that she uses on Mary McDonnell on the set of Major Crimes and you better know that I just dropped to my knees screaming, "YAS!". It is just so beautiful and I could hear the Hallelujah chorus sounding and the lights shining from it. It was just a holy grail moment even without touching it or seeing it in person.

I don't really stock up on bronzers. Bronzers aren't my thing, blushes are my thing. I'm somewhat terrified of bronzers. I love contouring a little bit every now and then but if you see my tutorials, The Body Shop's Honey Bronzer is pretty much the only bronzer I use. Either that or the bronzer from the Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette but that is more of a contour shade for me. So for a bronzer to be on my wishlist, take a note of this day, people!

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation
To Blame: I don't really know
I don't really know who to pinpoint the blame for this one because it seems to have just put itself on my wishlist. I've heard a lot of good things about it; the coverage, the shade range and the wear-time of it. A part of me wants to have a good high-end foundation so that I can use it on special occasions as it will be properly colour matched to my weird skin tone.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush
To Blame: Everyone
Do I really need to say anything about these blushes? 

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation
To Blame: Everyone and their cat.
Again, need I explain this one? Every beauty blogger has a bottle of this somewhere and they break it out for special occasions or when they're wanting to look flawless.

Smashbox Contour Kit
To Blame: Lily Pebbles
A lot of the contour kits on the market are more aimed at professional makeup artists, I feel. They typically come with between 6 and 8 shades for highlighting and contouring. I don't know about you but I surely don't need 6 shades to highlight and contour. I need a highlighter, a bronze shade and a contour shade. I tend to highlight with my concealer anyway and then add a shimmer highlight to my cheekbones. There's no way I'd spend money on parts that I won't need and that won't suit my skin tone anyway. Cue the Smashbox Contour Kit that comes with three shades to do just that. 

Makeup Geek matte eyeshadows
To Blame: Jaclyn Hill - [BLOG || YT]
Pretty much everyone is in love with these eyeshadows. I first heard about these shadows from GlamLifeGuru aka Tati Westbrook on YouTube and I was instantly intrigued by them. That lead me to the Makeup Geek YouTube Channel where I was instantly enamoured with the woman behind it herself, Marlena. She is the bubbliest person with the most adorable laugh. But her shadows really steal the show that they have Jaclyn Hill melting in her chair every time she uses them. If Jaclyn Hill loves it, girl, you know it's gotta be good. I specify the matte shadows because I'm not brave enough to try the foiled shadows. Yet.

I know that MakeupGeek isn't exactly high-end but for those in the UK with shipping costs and customs charges, it might as well be. 

Bobbi Brown blush
To Blame: Essie Button - [BLOG || YT]
I like blushes and want one from Bobbi Brown one day. That's pretty much it. I saw Essie Button use a Bobbi Brown blush last year and it looked immaculate on her. Estée has porcelain skin just like me and the blush gave her that slight hint of colour on the cheeks that looked positively radiant. 

Urban Decay Naked Foundation
To Blame: I'm not sure
I don't have a real reason for wanting this one. I kind of feel like if any brand would have something that would match my porcelain skin, it would be Urban Decay. I absolutely love the Naked concealer which I have in Fair Neutral. It's pretty much perfect. If I could get away with just using this and skip foundation, it would be a great match for my skin. I feel like my skin has cool undertones because it is so translucent that Urban Decay would have a good make for that that wouldn't look like I was putting jaundice on my face.

Are any of these items on your high-end beauty wishlist? Do you own any of them? What are your opinions of them and are they worth the splurge? I would love to know your thoughts and opinions. 

*Disclaimer: Header image made by me. Center image found on Google, source unknown. 

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