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Monday, 27 October 2014

My bedroom is in the middle of a makeover. It's an ongoing process and will continue to be an ongoing process until my wardrobe arrives in about five more weeks. Recently, my uncle constructed the bookcase that will house my collection of DVDs, CDs, my TV and DVD player. Before, my DVDs and CDs were housed between two media stands, a shelf, a drawer and in a tower behind the TV on a chest of drawers.  

The bookcase is a Maine Tall and Wide Extra Deep Bookcase from Argos // £44.99.

Practically everything concerning finishing my room is on hold until the wardrobe arrives as I need to know what space will remain once it is in. I can't even do the finishing touches to the walls or the bookcase in case anything is knocked and ruined 

My bedroom is tiny. TI-NY. It's nothing more than a glorified office. I was six-years-old when my family moved into this house and I was a little girl with nothing but teddies and clothes so space wasn't much of an issue. Now as a grown woman, I have clothes, teddies, DVDs, CDs, make-up, books, a guitar, and a mountain of shoes that all need a place to call their own. I'm wanting to have a desk, utilising the space between my bed and the part of the wall that juts out at the corner. 

Having a smidge of OCD, I couldn't just put my DVDs on the shelves in any old order. Especially when I have movies, TV boxsets, live comedian performances, animation and *insert genre here*. How could I possibly just lump them altogether? I categorised everything into 4 categories; Movies/features, television shows and boxsets, Disney/Animation and Favourites. 

From top to bottom:
Shelf 1: DVD player, a plushie and Favourites (Favoured TV shows and movies)
Shelf 2: The Television
Shelf 3: CD collection
Shelf 4: Movies & features
Shelf 5: Television show boxsets
Shelf 6: Television show boxsets and Disney & Animation. *plus unsorted items.

Once I get everything sorted, I will share the final look of my room. Until then, I'll share the process of it all. Would you all like to see that?

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