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Sunday, 5 October 2014

I have two days off of work and you know what that means! I've cracked out the nail varnish and coated my nails in colourful goodness. For this installment of Kazzie-Paints-Her-Nails, I've used Essie's Fifth Avenue.


My best friend gave me a trio set of minis from Essie for my birthday (totally squished her for doing that). The trio contained Fifth Avenue, Mademoiselle and Mint Candy Apple. Each of them are beautiful colours that are seasonally on par; a bold red, a naked pink and the ever popular mint shade. So with two days off, I decided to go for a bold varnish purely because I wanted my nails to really stand out. Cue me picking out Fifth Avenue.

Fifth Avenue is a highly pigmented polish. The colour pay-off is just exquisite. It's red but not a pure red as it has some orange undercurrents depending on what way the light catches it. One minute it can look red and the next, orangey red. It's such an enticing blend of colour that I can't stop myself from looking at it.

The formula is just as spectacular. I put on two coats but it can easily be applied in one coat. I was going to leave it at just one coat but I'm not the most proficient at painting my nails and I did need to fix a few problem areas. As a result, that meant two coats. 

Have you ever tried Fifth Avenue? What colour from Essie do you think I should try next?


  1. what a gorgeous colour! id love it if youd comment back xx


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