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Friday, 17 October 2014

Emphasis on the 'my'! Over a month ago, I got my very own car! My own used car that I have affectionately named Diaval after the gorgeous raven from Maleficent (I swooned so hard for him) and my brother doesn't believe in naming things (it was his car previously). But Diaval is a car that I can drive wherever I want when the notion takes me (and the petrol tank allows). With that, I've created my own CD stash so that I can listen to whatever I want because, you know, I'm the driver; whatever I say goes! Plus, I don't like all the songs on the radio. A person's CD collection provides a valuable insight into the range that their taste in music encompasses, so here is a small insight into mine and the few CDs from my collection that I wanted to have with me when I'm driving on my adventures.

Currently playing: 
The Best of Belinda Vol. 1 - Belinda Carlisle (1992)

This CD is a testament to the fact that I'm a 90s child. This CD belongs to my father and I 'borrowed' it from his collection years ago and obviously never returned it. It's pretty much mine now. I grew up listening to this CD. My father would have it playing in the car when I was younger and I would always love listening to it. There was always something in Belinda's voice that I always loved and still love to this day. It's pure nostalgia to me. I know the lyrics off by heart and I know the song order from cover to cover. I adore every single song on this album and I don't even grimace whenever a song that I don't particularly like comes on, because there isn't one! To me, there simply isn't a dud song - a rare feat with me. Runaway Horses makes a pretty cool driving song too, in my opinion.

Favourite song: (We Want) The Same Thing

Pioneer - The Band Perry (2013)

I became obsessed with this album last December when I went to see them perform live in the Mandela Hall in Belfast. I had never seen them before or even heard of them or heard a song by them. I went to this gig at the recommendation of a friend who had seen them perform in Germany and was completely blown away by them. I subsequently was too. Kimberley's energy is so infectious. But back to the album. Pioneer is the sophomore album from The Band Perry and it's a mixed album filled with edgy songs that I would head bang along to, wave your arms in the air for and juxtaposed with soulful ballads that just wrap you up in emotion. I know every lyric. However, there are some songs that I do pass over because I just want to get to ones that I love that bit more. I do love them all, but there are times when I don't want to listen to a ballad and want to rock out with them.

Favourite song: DONE.

Red - Taylor Swift (2012)

All my fellow Swifties, holla! Okay that was embarrassing that I said that but raise your hands if you love Taylor Swift like I do! My Queen of Capturing-Every-Single-Emotion-That-I-Have-But-Never-Knew-That-I-Had! As soon as I bought Red, I knew that it would be in the car. I just knew it. I was previously driving my father's car and that CD went immediately into it. I own most of her studio albums (not the Christmas one(s)) and I love them all but Red has a special place in my heart for a reason that I can't quite describe. It's a great wee CD to have with you when driving around. I love it and I love that I can play a number of these songs on my guitar, Stay Stay Stay is an absolute hoot to play.

Favourite song: Red.

What CDs do you have with you when driving? What are your favourites to play when driving?

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