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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Whenever I take a leisurely jaunt up to Belfast to hang out with my best friend, we inevitably find our feet carrying us towards the nearest Boojum burrito bar. It's our favourite Mexican burrito bar in Belfast and it is a favourite to many, many, many people as the queue to get in is typically snaked out the door and down the street. 

This was the case yesterday when I went up for a hang about and my best friend suggested trying out a burrito bar that had just opened down the street on the bottom of Botanic Avenue, just up from Shaftesbury Square, named Kurrito.

Kurrito? Walking in, I had no idea what to expect. All I can say is that my first impression was that the aromas coming from it were heavenly. I could literally smell the curry spices flowing from within and then it hit me - they were putting curry in a burrito.  Curry in a burrito! Two of my favourite food tpes. What could you not possibly love about that? It's my newest ship - kurrito! 

So what do you get for your money?

Walking in I was instantly greeted by the owners and they happily recommended dishes for us to try given that my best friend is a vegetarian and I'm, well, not. I took a burrito bowl for my inaugural meal here to stick on the air of caution. The bowl isn't as deep as the bowls that you get at Boojum but it was the perfect amount because I didn't end up with that oh-so-uncomfortable 'food baby'. As Goldilocks would say, 'It was just right'. 

So, what happens...

  • Step One: They add in a generous spoonful of delicately fragranced rice. 
  • Step Two: For my filling I choose Salan which is homemade tandoori chicken. 
  • Step Three: You move along to your garnish options of finely chopped vegetables and shredded lettuce. I took chopped red onion and lettuce (Vegetables and I aren't very simpático). 
  • Step Four: Moving on to salsa: My best friend had told me about her encounter with their hot salsa and how she had just regained the sensation in her mouth. I love hot salsas. The hotter - the better! So I chose the Xtra Hot Chutney and had about half a spoonful drizzled over the burrito (I asked for a little just to test it).

Sadly, I don't have any photographs of my beautiful kurrito to share with you all because I wolfed it down that fast. It was that delicious. The rice was perfectly spiced and not overpowering as some Indian style rices can be. The chicken was cooked superbly, masterfully spiced and just delicious. I have never tasted tandoori chicken as appetising. And the salsa? You guessed it. Delicious. It wasn't overly spicy but it did have a good kick to it.

All of this, with a bottle of water, came to a neat £5 due to the offer on for Freshers' Week as Queen's University, Belfast is just up the road. They also update their Facebook page with Friday specials and this week is prawn and mushroom curry. 

I know that I'm writing this after one visit but I do intend to return again and again and sample a lot more of what is on offer!

Would you have a curry burrito?

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