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Sunday, 31 August 2014

I'm guessing that we've all seen the new Rimmel advert wtih Georgia May Jagger going all ninja-jewel-thief on us and going to steal something mysterious on a pedestal. That mysterious object is Rimmel's new Wonder'full mascara aka their new secret weapon. Naturally, I wanted to test it out.

This is Rimmel's 'Secret Weapon to full volume without clumps' which is what everyone wants in a good mascara, right? There is nothing worse than a black drop of mascara on the eye lashes because you'll just end up staring at it in any reflective surface. The new formula that is made with Argan Oil promises to banish clumps for good and to leave the wearer with wonder'full (see what they did there?) and light lashes.

I have tried this mascara a couple of times with that promise in mind because I do have an issue with clumps but remember, I am still learning about make-up and the application of such things. Besides, who doesn't like to experiment with new products?

I have to admit that my lashes did feel light and conditioned. They didn't feel at all dry or brittle as some mascaras can do. My eyelashes didn't feel heavy with the weight of the mascara and they felt nice and soft once the mascara was removed. The Argan Oil, for sure.

The downfall is that my lashes weren't volumised as promised. But then again, I don't necessarily look for a volumising mascara. I'm happy as long as it doesn't clump or dry out my lashes. Wonder'full is nicely pigmented and covers the lashes beautifully with a wand that hugs the lashes. The shaped flexible wand has soft, defined bristles that are a pure joy to use.

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