Holiday Countdown - #1

Saturday, 16 August 2014

My holiday is officially one week away and I've started to get everything together and ready to be packed away. This time around I will actually be bringing make-up with me. Last year, I only brought an eye-shadow (black), an eyeliner (black) and a few lipsticks in a bag that was no bigger than a pencil case. How shocking is that? 

Oh what a difference a year makes! Well, two months to be more precise. 

This year, I will have a lot more make-up with me and I decided to film a little (or big) video on what I will be bringing with me. As it turns out, I'll be taking everything in my collection with me and I have planned for most contingencies and themes onboard the ship and off. In the video linked below, you'll be able to see what I currently own and the bag that I wrote a post on a few weeks ago and what I'm currently testing out for my own curiosity. I think I'll be bringing the kitchen sink on this one! 

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