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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Like the YouTube beauty channel stalker that I am, I had heard the NYX brand mentioned several times a week from countless gurus and bloggers and naturally my curiosity was piqued. I've never managed to set my eyes on this brand from any of the drugstores here in town or in Belfast and I thought it was exclusive to either specialist drugstores of a larger size, sold only in England or America. A couple of days ago, I randomly decided to check out the counters in a pharmacy that I hadn't checked before in town and lo' and behold, an elusive NYX stand. I could hear an angel's choir sing, a bright light came from behind the stand and I nearly fell to my knees. Okay, maybe the last bit is an exaggeration but it was a much awaited moment.

My first purchase had to be the much talked about NYX Butter Glosses.

Due to the fact that it was a small stand, just one bay wide, there were a limited number of shades available in the Butter Glosses. Which one(s) should I choose and form my own opinion about? Should I go for a bold and bright colour? A dark colour? Or should I test out a nude/natural shade to start with?

I settled for two nude shades; BLG05 Creme Brulee and BLG07 Tiramisu. To the untrained eye they would appear to be similar in colour but to us beauty lovers, they are very different. Creme Brulee has a coral undertone that colour matches beautifully on the lips - at least to mine anyway - and I've been wearing this to deliver that little bit of life back into my lips during the day and is extremely natural looking. Tiramisu has a more rusty tinge to it to lighten the brown hue of it. I haven't been using this one just as much as Creme Brulee. They have great pigmentation for natural shades and they literally apply like butter (not that I know what that feels like!). 

And let's just take a moment to talk about how utterly delicious they smell! I literally spend several minutes smelling the wand before applying. They smell good enough to eat.

I bought them for £5.49 each but they are £5 from their UK website and are available in America.

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