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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

In nine days, I will be going on a much anticipated cruise holiday with my family, my brother and mother, and like any good Virgo I'm already being productive and getting everything that I need together...

Yeah, that's not happening.

As soon as I came home from my last holiday with my boyfriend to Salou, I immediately set about getting ready for this one. Namely, shopping for a good cabin bag. Previously I have used my handbag seen in my YouTube video or a large wheeled cabin bag. The latter is handy for long-haul international flights and it's gone with me to Texas twice, but for short European flights it's just too big. I found this bag on Forever21's website and knew that it was the one for me.

The floral pattern is so summery and striking that I can't misplace it in those overhead lockers as it stands out a mile and it looks very pretty and on trend. It is a gorgeous shade of navy and the pink and white flowers had that pop of colour and make it unique. The interior and exterior have pockets for essentials that can be grabbed easily. The leather straps are long enough so that I can just swing this on my shoulder to carry it. It's just a beautiful bag and I cannot wait to rock this through Dublin and Venice airports. Plus it can double up as a kit bag for holding towels and other paraphernalia on trips. Double plus, whenever it is time to come home I can pack this bag full with everything that I will inevitably buy and not have room for in my suitcase. Amirite, girls?

Now, I have my necessities that I simply need for a flight. These are subject to change from flight to flight depending on the destination but there are several key things that are always in there. 

Kindle, Nook, iPad *insert tablet technology thing here* are all fantastic for storing hundreds upon thousands of books and magazines in one lightweight place that can be thrown into a bag and that's that. I do have an iBooks app full of Star Trek books (yes, I'm a huuuuuge Star Trek fan and proud of it. LLAP), and I love that app. But for me, when I'm on holiday, there is nothing I love more than an actual book that I can hold until my arm gets pins and needles in it. And I'm nosey and I like to see what books people are reading in case I get any inspiration for my next read. You can't do that with a tablet. On this trip, I will be reading Katharine Hepburn's autobiography again that my sister gave me.

Essential for when you step off that plane into that beaming sunshine. 'Nuff said.

I just use the headphones that came with my iPhone because they're comfortable for me and they're compact. They come in a convenient case that keeps them neat and, most importantly, untangled. I've learnt that carrying them in their case is better for going through security because more often than not, I will be asked to open my bag and it is because my loose headphones are causing some 'concern'. I pull them out before going through the scanner and this case will make them easy to find.

I'm obsessed with my phone and it is surgically attached to my hand. I can't go anywhere without it. Typically on holiday, my phone acts as my camera, my camcorder and my right arm. The convenience of the camera on the iPhone means that I can snap anything in less than a second and on a cruise, that is incredibly handy. With the desire to vlog, my iPhone can be my point-and-shoot for a majority of the holiday.

iPad Mini
Movies, games and music. My iPad is essential for play on the flight. I can sit back and watch whatever movie or TV-show takes my fancy, snooze or ready while listening to music or wasting some time while the seatbelt sign is switched on by playing a game. 

I'm hoping to be vlogging during this holiday and with it being a cruise, there will be so much to see and do and film so I will definitely need my camera for all of that. With spare memory cards too, of course.

Not photographed because I'm a moron;
Travel pillow - I use an inflatable pillow that takes up little room when it is flat. Ultimately my brother will steal this. 
Chocolate - Because I love having a wee snack on the plane that is affordable.

What are your cabin crucials?
Items featured:
Bag - Forever 21
Sunglasses case - Burlington
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Apple earphones
iPad Mini
Camera case - Acme Made

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