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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

My latest obsession in footwear are shoes that come with a little bit of a point at the toe. I'm absolutely enamoured with them. Before I jump into gushing about why exactly I love these, I will tell you the very shallow reason why I love them so.... Mary McDonnell wears pointed shoes. 'Who?' I hear you ask. Mary McDonnell. She is one of my most favourite and most loved actresses on the planet and a bit of a style icon for me (keep your eyes peeled for a post all about this magical creature). 


While shopping in Tescos with my mother for a birthday cake for moi (It's the only place I know that does Red Velvet in cake form), I saw a pair of gorgeous shoes in the F&F range. The heel is just high enough to be feminine and low enough to walk comfortably in. The material that they're made of is just like velvet to touch. My favourite part is the metallic detail on the front. I find myself mesmerised by it. It's so shiny. The biggest bonus is how I love how my feet look in them and they are the perfect statement and staple shoe for Autumn/Winter.

As a result, I bought three other pairs of pointed flats in Primark, all at £6 each, and in various colours. They are comfortable and I love the strap at the front (they resemble a pair of heels that Mary McDonnell wore in Battlestar Galactica *shameless fangirl plug*) and I don't mind the toe cleavage..


My inner Laura Roslin and Captain Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell characters, Battlestar Galactica and Major Crimes respectively) would be proud... I hope.

P.S. I know the quality of these aren't great but it's my first time photographing shoes and I didn't have anybody to hold to camera for me so I didn't it myself with a camera that was dying. 

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