Mini Sephora Haul - Buongiorno!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Hands up those that knew that there was a Sephora store in Venice. I didn't know. I had consigned myself to needing a visit to America or London to get near to one. Then while exploring the beautiful, yet narrow, streets/corridors of Venice I found one and instantly made a bee-line into it, abandoning my family in the process. (I made the right decision.) I knew that even if I didn't buy anything big, I knew that I had to get something just to say that I bought something in a Sephora in Venice, and ultimately get that iconic bag. Yes, I'm that shallow. So here's what I bought...

In the narrow streets of Venice I found an equally narrow Sephora store at a street corner with a canal for a neighbour. How amazing is that? Going in I was like a kid in a sweet shop! So many goodies to look at and to touch and my mum told me to take my time. Dangerous words. Haha. Buongiorno, Sephora!

The first item that I picked up was Nars blush in the shade Orgasm. I am slightly enamoured with blushes. I love to look at blushes, use blushes, experiment with blushes and save my money for blushes. I'm very pernickety when it comes to choosing and buying blushes and I like to get it right and I know that Nars has a reputation for getting blushes right. Countless beauty bloggers and YouTubers have Orgasm in their collection and I loved the shade once I saw it for myself and felt that silkly smooth, matte-slightly-shimmery powder and just had to pick it up and try it properly for myself. I want a natural, healthy-looking colour as we transition into Autumn and Ireland has certainly fallen into Fall. I think that Orgasm might be that blush. (€30,50)

Next was Sephora's own eyeshadow trio palette named Trio de Lune in No3: Camoflage. I was drawn to the earthy tones of this palette. The three shades are coordinated beautifully to create a unique palette that is perfect for the upcoming season. The colours are intense and will be perfect for any occassion. (€10,00)

This store offered a mini-make-up palette with the iconic Sephora design on it. How could you not want to instantly snap this little gem up? The little compact comes complete with 4 eyeshadows (2 shimmer and 2 matte), 2 lip-glosses (1 nude and 1 bright) and a blush. The colour of the eyeshadows should go a long way to creating an intense smokey eye and the glosses and blush will add to that all-round smokey look. (€6,90)

During the cruise before staying in Venice, I found that I didn't have any good eyeshadow brushes. I was doing my eye make-up with a blending brush that I managed to fit into my overpacked suitcase and a mini double-ended brush that came with an eyeshadow palette that I bought on the aeroplane journey to Venice. I could make do but it wasn't enough. Then I found this collection by Sephora. The metallic pink barrels were so eye-catching that I couldn't resist it. Plus, it came with a handy case so that I can travel with them and store them easily. I'm looking forward to experimenting with all of my new eyeshadows with these brushes.

Finally, one of the assistants in the store recommended a brush cleaner to me for a few extra Euro and since I didn't have one at the time, I said yes to it. This cleaner is actually a daily cleanser for the brushes which is even more fantastic!

I couldn't be happier with my first float around Sephora.

Have you stumbled upon a Sephora store where you never thought you would?


  1. Sadly, there are no more Sephoras in London. The last one closed years ago. I don't think they're in the UK anymore at all. (But you can order everything from the French website, even though that's not the same experience :D) And yesss, Orgasm is the shiz!

    1. Oh poo! Well, there goes that dream. But at least there are other websites to peruse. Thank you for letting me know. =D They should come (back) to the UK. I can't wait to use Orgasm!

    2. They were all over London when I did my BA. When I came back for my MA last year, all of them had closed. :( Suppose they couldn't compete with Boots in the end

      How's that gel eyeliner (that benefit dupe) you mentioned in your travel make-up bag vid? I'm really intrigued by it and I figured I'd buy the maybelline one to see if I like it before splurging on the benefit one

    3. Ah, when you put it that way, it makes sense. Sad times. There is something just so exciting about Sephora. Had I been as interested in beauty as I am now when I went to Texas, I would've gone into one there. Hindsight. Wonderful thing.

      I will have a post about the Maybelline gel liner up on the blog in the next week or so. I have so many blog posts that I want to get out there and I can't decide where to start.


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