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Thursday, 4 September 2014

I know that a lot of people are completely over the whole BB and CC cream craze. Every beauty brand worth their salt has their own BB or CC cream out. Most beauty bloggers have weighed their two cents in on it too. As a newb, I was completely overwhelmed with it all as I had zero clue what the letters actually meant. *puts on Dunce hat* But after much research, I picked up the Bourjois CC cream while in Boots one day to see what the whole hub-bub was about, still not knowing what it did or meant...

While on holiday I had this packed as a just-in-case-slash-experiment item. As I began to use it, I found out what 'colour correction' meant. Can I get a gold star, please? But holy magoley, this thing is amazing!

When I visited Salou in May, my face became very red with a strange kind of rash. It was too uneven, sporadic and well, weird to be sunburn and it didn't even peel afetr a couple of days. It happened again last week. My cheeks had this strange redness. It wasn't as bad as it had been in Salou but nevertheless, it was a darn right nuisance! 

Cue Bourjois's CC cream. 

I applied this to my skin when a little bit of heat rash first started to creep onto my cheek. The cream camouflaged it perfectly. It covered it evenly and my family couldn't even tell that it had been there at all. It even helped to cover a nice little pimple that decided to accompany me on my holiday. 

Additionally, when I would go on shore excursions, I would wear this cream by itself as a foundation just to make my face look awake and make myself feel a bit more put together without having to put on a face of make-up. Plus it has an SPF of 15 built in so I applied it on top of the sunscreen that I had applied first and allowed to dry in during breakfast. 

The CC cream can be used by itself as a foundation or in combination with a foundation as a concealer depending on what kind of coverage you want. 

Needless to say, I love this thing.

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