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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

If there is one thing that I've really loved about becoming interested in makeup, it has been makeup brushes. Long gone are the foam applicators that come with products. Those are the first thing to go - even before the packaging. So whenever I'm in Boots, Superdrug, Sephora or anywhere with makeup, I end up looking at the brushes for far longer than should be necessary. Recently, my little eye noticed a new kid on the block at Boots, Look Good Feel Better

What caught my eye about these brushes was the professional look. The packaging looked beautiful with the white and pink design, the patent handles of the brushes looked immaculate and the brushes themselves looked absolutely divine through the plastic. It's a shame that some stores don't offer you a chance to feel the brushes like you can in Sephora. These looked super soft and even promised such a sensation on the box. The blush brush reminded me of my favourite Deliplus Polvos Brocha from Mercadona. 

I first picked up the blush brush because that tends to be my staple brush. If this is good then I'll typically like the rest. Typically. Not always. 

I took it home and tried it. I instantly loved it. It felt incredibly soft to the touch and felt soft against my cheek. It's got quite a large surface area which I do prefer in a blush brush. Not everyone does but that's all down to personal preference. However, that's the beauty about makeup brushes. They're perfect at multitasking. I think that this brush would be perfect for bronzer as it'll warm up the face win one fell swoop. Or additionally, use it to set foundation. It'll work beautifully for that too.  

The bristles pick up product easily. I've been using this with my Make Up For Ever sculpting blush and the brush picks up the perfect amount product in one dab. One dab will cover both cheeks easily. I tend to use one side of the brush to pick up and deposit and then use the opposite side to blend. The brush isn't perfectly rounded as some blush brushes tend to be. The front and back seem to be flatter than the corners - looking from above it almost looks oval. That's not deterimental at all to application. It's just something that I've noticed and has worked in my favour.

With my love of the blush brush already established, I went back to Boots and picked up another brush. After some humming and hahing, I came away with the Angled Blending Brush. In the past six months, angled blending brushes and I haven't quite gelled. I don't know for why but it's probably me not using it correctly. But I was willing to try again with this brush because it was bigger than the previous effort and looked softer. 

At publication, I've only used this brush once to quickly apply a transition colour but I will be using this in my next tutorial coming up on Friday so be sure to check back then because I will be having my opinion on it in that blog post. I'm excited to use it and see how well it performs. 

Now to the part of the post that really makes it worth investing in these brushes. Look Good Feel Better is a cancer charity that provides worldwide support for woman and teenagers that are struggling to cope with the visible effects of cancer treatment. Enduring cancer treatment takes a considerable toll on the body and can take away a lot. Sufferers often feel like they don't look like themselves, that they don't feel confident and generally look ill. This charity has helped people face cancer with confidence for over twenty years because there is a power in makeup that a lot of people don't understand. 

"You can't underestimate the positive power of make-up"
LGFB Beneficiary

With every purchase a percentage of the wholesale price goes to the charity so that they can extend free skincase and makeup workshops across the UK. 

Each brush has hand sculpted, super fine, cruelty free and soft bristles that are a pure joy to work with. They are affordable with a professional finish and are on par with Real Techniques so I think they make a good investment. 

Look Good Feel Better is available from the Look Fantastic website and Boots.com. I bought the Blush Brush for £11.99 and the Angled Blending Brush for £6.99 at Boots in Belfast.

Have you ever tried brushes from Look Good Feel Better?

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