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Monday, 31 August 2015

When I look back on August, I don't see to have an awful lot of memories for it because it seems to have gone by in a whirlwind. It used to do that when I was in school but I haven't been in school for years so it's strange that it's flown by. Nevertheless, I have a number of favourite things from August, and a few of them a repeat offenders because I've been loving them so much!


Yup, it's featured again. I cannot get enough of this foundation. I lift it practically every time that I go to do my makeup or when I film a tutorial, this baby is in my hands. I just love it. I love the shade, how it makes my skin look and how it makes it feel when I'm wearing it. Pure love in a bottle. 

If you saw my post about this puppy then you'll know why I've been loving it. As I said in the post, I bought it on a whim because I needed something that would potentially prolong the life of my Sephora brush cleanser as I feel like I've gone through it like a dose of salts. I don't want to run out of it so I picked this up to test it out. It was better than I expected it to be having tried nothing else from B. but a makeup brush. It made my brushes unbelievably clean without having to do a full cleanse with the shebang of baby shampoo, warm water and an overnight drying. Spray, wipe (lather, rinse, repeat if necessary) and allow to dry for about fifteen minutes and you're good to go again. Fabulous for on the spot cleaning.  

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I have a thing for blush brushes. I don't know what it is, I just love them. When I saw that Boots had a new line in from Look Good Feel Better, my eye was instantly drawn to the blush brush. With the silver and black patent handle, the duo-colour brush and the adorable little logo on the neck of the handle, it was love at first sight. As soon as I tried it out, I knew that I would love it as it felt incredibly soft against the skin and it picked up an amazing amount of product. When I've been doing my blusher, this brush has been what I've been reaching for practically every single time. 


Yes, another repeat offender in my favourites posts. Arrow has owned my soul for the past month and a half. I finished season 3 in August which had me on such an emotional roller-coaster that I've needed a couple of weeks to recover before starting on The Flash. It hasn't happened yet but it will. I bought some more comics and I started my Arrow makeup series on my YouTube channel this month. So far, I've posted two of the four tutorials that will be in the series. Check them out! The Arrow || Felicity Smoak.


Spoiler alert, the vast majority of music favourites will be musicals. I put the Wicked soundtrack on my phone and started listening to it at work on a Sunday morning where my entire shift is when the store is closed so I can have a sneaky earphone in my ear and listen to stuff that I want and not to the crap that is on the sound system. Listening to Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth really made my shifts more bearable. I've always loved Wicked and always come back to it several times a year. My favourite song is No Good Deed

The reason why I've been listening to this is because I'm in a production of it as part of the chorus. With my local choral society, I've taken a more technical role in being the lighting designer/lighting desk operator over the past few years but because this was being produced on stage at the Grand Opera House in Belfast, I decided to emerge from behind my lighting board and return to the stage after nine years away from it. I've missed the stage so much. Plus, they wouldn't let me do the lights so, stage it was. When else would I get to be on stage at the Grand Opera House? Yeah, so that's why this has been such an ear-worm for me. 

Again, RENT is one of those musicals that I always return to a couple of times a year. August was one of those times. When I met up with my bestie a couple of weeks ago, I had this blasting from my phone as I drove up to Belfast. Also, I listened to this on a Sunday morning shift at work. There's just something about listening to this when you have your face stuck in a cold fridge. Plus, Idina Menzel. BONUS!

I love The Band Perry and I LOVE this song. It has been stuck in my head since it's release the other week. The lyrics are perfect and the chorus is infectious. I find myself singing it internally and under my breath at work a lot. I once had it on repeat for a solid hour. I'm actually wanting to get the diamond heart design as a tattoo. It's just perfect. Also, I find myself just staring at Kimberly's makeup! And abs. Dayum, girl! 


The one and only place in this month's favourites goes to Klaire de Lys. Yes, she's my favourite again this month. I am honestly obsessed with her channel. I find myself looking at least one tutorial daily. Her tutorials are incredible and I find myself becoming ever more inspired by her. I adore her voice. Her singing voice is beautiful too (she has a music channel), her talents are extraordinary (as seen in her second channel that I completely binge-watched too) and on top of all of that she's an author. I ordered her books the other week and I read Outsider in 3 days and I'm over half way through Defiance (book 2) and I have fallen absolutely in love with the world and characters that she has created.  I cannot get enough of this girl.


UNCANNY AVENGERS: ISSUE #14 [Remender, McNiven, Dell and Martin]
Holy crap! This issue! It really kicked me in the feels and it was the first comic that actually made me want to skip pages to see what happens next. It was that gripping and it has so much angst for my favourite character (The Scarlet Witch) that I read at such a breakneck speed. I couldn't get enough of it and I NEED to know what happens next! 

SECRET WARS - X-MEN'92: ISSUE #2 [Bowers, Sims, Koblish and Milla]
The first issue of this series was in my previous favourites post and this follow up issue did not disappoint. It had everything that I wanted to happen. Without giving spoilers away, I cannot wait to see what happens with Storm as all of the X-Men become unhinged or manipulated towards becoming unhinged. Issue 3, hurry up!

There were a lot of repeat/carried over favourites from July in this month's favourites. That's not necessarily a bad thing. It just shows how fantastic they were that I kept loving them a month later. What were your favourites from August?

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