Confessions of a Driver

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

I've been driving for close to seven years now and in that time I have learnt a lot about the way that other people on the rode like to, or in some cases don't like to, drive. Aaaaaand, I may have picked up a little bit of road rage along the way. Here are my confessions of being a driver - in gif form.

When somebody tries to slip into the parking space you've claimed but are reversing into.

When that person in front goes 15mph under the speed limit.

When you're the first car stuck behind a tractor with a queue tailing behind you. 

When other drivers don't use their indicators.

When some pillock parks their car like an idiot and takes up the space next to it.

When you let somebody out but they don't move.

When that oncoming car has one working headlight.

When that oncoming car doesn't dip their headlights from full beams.

When you can't quite reach the button at the car park to get your ticket.

When that idiot weaves between lanes without so much as indicating.

When that idiot weaves in front of you like you let them go.

The way that you thank another driver.

The way other drivers thank you.

When pedestrians cross the road - they run across the empty side but walk as slow as a wet week with you barreling down upon them at a blistering 30mph. 

When you meet cars on a narrow country road but they don't slow down.

When some pillock is right up your car's arse.

When somebody overtakes you and you're doing the legal limit.

When you come up behind said over-taker at a set of lights.

Basically, kids, don't drive. Because you will grow into a stark, raving lunatic that has anger management issues from the second they turn the key in the ignition. 

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