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Monday, 3 August 2015

July was.... an interesting month. It went by without a hitch yet it felt like the longest month to date. January usually feels like a long month yet this year's was a fast one. Wish I could say that for July. It feels like I was on Vision of the Seas four months ago instead of four weeks. Nevertheless, it's August now and I have a couple of favourites. I had the idea of filming this month's favourites but I'm not the most articulate in front of the camera just yet but I'll get there. So let's go ahead and get into it.


If you've been reading my blog this month, you  may have noticed this appearing every now and then in posts and tutorials. I bought this when my family and I were in Venice and it was the last one there and I snatched it up before anyone else could. I've been using this foundation practically all month. Whenever I've been going out for the day or for the evening, this has been my go-to foundation. It's amazing. It blends beautifully, it doesn't oxidise, it doesn't cake, it covers what I want it to cover and it matches me. When you're pale, that's a blessing. 

Like the foundation, this has been my go-to blush throughout July. It's a beautiful pale pink blush that gives the cheek the prettiest flush of colour. It's perfect for lighter skin tones like mine but I'm sure that a lot of tones can rock this. I still haven't understood why it's a 'sculpting' blush but I have been applying this along my cheekbone more than on the apples of my cheek like I usually do. 

I finished my previous Archery pencil off early on in my holiday and I had to use a powder kit. Even though I'm in a makeup ban, I bent it to re-purchase this the other week and I'm so glad that I did. It has felt like having an old friend back since having it back in my collection. I feel so much more comfortable filling in my brows when I have a pencil in my hands. The brow kit that I had been using was good, I can't knock it, but this pencil is my favourite thing to use. 

When doing my makeup, I've been reaching for this to finish everything off. Throughout July I haven't wanted a colourful lip even though I've tried to incorporate more colourful lip colours into my routine. I've failed, dear friends, I've failed (though one of my favourites might reignite that. Just keep reading). Instead, I've opted for more neutral and/or glossy finishes that I don't mind if it vanishes because you can't tell that I was wearing anything pigmented in the first place. It applies like water which feels divine on dry lips like mine. It doesn't last a great crack but it suits me when I'm about to run out of the house for rehearsal or running errands. 

I bought this as a bit of an experiment towards the middle of July because I spotted it in Boots when shopping with my brother. I needed something to add to my skincare routine (which I'm still establishing) that would give a deeper cleanse. I've been using this on a cotton pad after I take my makeup off so that it catches what my makeup remover may not have got. This does the trick. It can feel a little stripping on my skin but once I put a moisturiser over the top, it's grand. Since I've been using this, my skin has been crystal clear without a single breakout or issue. Not bad for a £2 whim.


After many months of being told to watch this by my sis from another miss to watch this and plotting crossovers of epic proportions, I finally picked up seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. I've been hooked on it for the past two weeks as I've watched disc after disc after disc. The characters have you on an emotional rollercoaster from the very beginning and what I love the most about them all is that you're not meant to admire a single one of them all of the time. They're all flawed in one way or another but they have their good moments, good choices and good days but they also have the opposite in abundance just like any other human being. They aren't on a pedestal. That's why I love them and why I love the show. The storylines can give you a headache with plenty of 'WTF WHAT?' moments but it has you on tenterhooks. Plus a lot of muscles on show. 

Also, it's got one of my favourite games built into it - "Spot the Vancouver Actor". I've been playing this game for years since I started watching Stargate SG-1 and Battlestar Galactica. I can tell where something is filmed just by who guest stars. It's been so nice to see the likes of Tahmoh Penikett, Teryl Rothery and Agam Darshi back on my television. 

Finally, it's brought a number of new things to my attention, i.e. Emily Bett Rickards aka Felicity Smoak and Susanna Thompson aka Moira Queen. Felicity was first brought to my radar by my sis from another miss and she was instantly a favourite when I started watching the show. She's beyond cute and she's completely adorkable - a dork and adorable = adorkable. Plus, I adore her makeup. Felicity wears glasses and rocks a bold, colourful, bright lip that makes me want to channel her look whenever I'm doing my makeup and I'm wearing my glasses. Hence why the attempt to use brighter lip colours has been reignited. It also brought back Susanna Thompson to me. I first saw her on Star TrekL Voyager as the Borg Queen in the Dark Frontier and Unimatrix Zero two-parters. The Borg Queen is the epitome of perfection and the queen bee for the Borg, ergo, evil as all hell. Somewhat fitting casting for Moira Queen as I found out as I watched the series. There are moments when Susanna is speaking that I just hear the tones of the Borg Queen. My fangirl side loves it. 


This is an absolute cheat because I only discovered her channel a few days shy of the beginning of August but I binge watched her videos and completely fell in love with her style, her creativity and her voice so I think it warrants being included. I watched so many videos that I felt like I had been watching her all month. Just listen to one of her tutorials and you'll melt. Her creativity and talent is beyond inspirational that I'm completely envious. She even shaved her hair off and donated the usable length of her hair to Wigs for Kids. I know that I could never do that. It's not that I wouldn't be brave enough but my scalp is covered in psoriasis so I can't get it shaven. I could get it cut shorter, yes, but not shaved. Brava, Klaire.

Katy has amazing skills when it comes to makeup. She creates amazing looks that range from every day looks to bold and bright looks with that something extra special to really make it pop. She has major skills and there's something about her voice and the way that she works that's very soothing.

This is the vlog channel for Miss Remi Ashten. I love both of her channels but there is something so fun about her vlog channel that makes me excited about her uploads. She's vlogged her vacations to Hawaii and she's vlogged her moving journey from her house and her parent's house to her own apartment in LA. Her personality has always shown through on both of her channels but I find her vlogs to be that bit more enjoyable and fun for me. Plus, I get to see her adorable dogs. 

C O M I C    B O O K S

Going into any book or story, you kind of want to start from the very beginning so that you know what the craic is and what's going on. As Maria says, "Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start". With Guardians of Knowhere, I have the first issue. However, this gives more questions in it's exposition than anything else. It seems that reality has changed somewhat for our Guardians of the Galaxy so naturally they're going to have to set that right. This issue starts all of that off. 

From my Comic Book Haul, you may know that I loved the first issue of this series when I bought it earlier in the month. The first issue set up everything and left it on the most intense cliffhanger. When I found issue #2, I had to snatch it up because I wanted to know what happened next. It didn't disappoint. I don't want to give away any spoilers but what happened to Storm has me excited to see what happens next.

The Guardians Team Up series contain some of the most hilarious storylines in self-contained issues that you can imagine. This is a good storyline that follows Drax on a rampage. However, that's not the reason why I loved this issue. When Drax finally catches the bad guy, he goes to town on him and I mean, TO - TOWN. Since this is comic book land and kids may be reading, the artists put the most hilarious 'Censored' cover the action saying, "Not Approved by the Comics Code". Also included is a little Captain America (who looks like he's twelve years old) saying, "I didn't fight the Nazis so some jerks could give me nightmares". I had to laugh. Also, Drax in an Hawaiian shirt? You have to laugh at that! I never thought I would ever set my eyes upon such a sight.

U N - F A V O U R I T E

For the majority of July, about 95%, it has felt like I've been in the middle of November or December. It has been so dull, overcast and raining from the skies practically every single day. I'm pretty sure Ireland missed the memo on it being July and in the season that people like to call 'Summer' in this hemisphere. Plus side, my car has become cleaner. 

Despite it being a slow month, I did have a good number of favourites and plenty of memories from my holiday and from catching up with friends. How was your July? What were your favourite things about it?

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