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Sunday, 2 November 2014

On Saturday, November 2nd, I travelled up to Belfast for a free gig featuring local band RunawayGo on the top floor of the HMV store. I had missed their previous HMV gig - I was gutted that I did because I simply adore this band! When I heard about this gig, I knew that I would be going to see them again. It had been too long!

By November 2nd, I had worked twelve morning shifts straight without a break - I work at 6am - and I needed matchsticks to hold my eyelids open. But nothing was going to stop me from seeing RunawayGo perform. 

I was introduced to RunawayGo when I saw them open for The Editors in the Mandela Hall around this time last year. Having not heard of them or heard their music, I was instantly swept away by them. If there were ever a band that I could say that it was love at first sight, then RunawayGo would be one of those bands. They always open a performance strong and they keep that energy up to the very last count.

This intimate gig in HMV was slightly different than their normal performance style, but in a good way. 

As you walked into the store, you could hear lead singer Fiona O'Kane's voice filter down through the floors as they warmed up. The stage was tucked into the corner of the third floor, next to the newly (well, new to me) refurbished cafĂ©/snack bar area with comfortable chairs and tables dotted around the space. It felt very comfortable and snug. Between songs vocalists, Dave and Fiona would chat to the audience that had gathered, giving a very relaxed and intimate atmosphere and making eye-contact. 

The band performed for roughly 30-45 minutes giving their audience a taster of what is to come on their soon-to-be-released debut album and reliving songs that we all knew and loved from previous performances and EPs.

I Would Go
Stay With Me (Sam Smith cover)
Delicate Man
Jump Start

Every song is a gem to listen to, Ashes and Delicate Man are firm favourites. Alive had me singing along (even if it was quietly). Fiona's voice is so beautiful and soulful that it is a voice that I could easily spend hours listening to - she's even released a solo artist single which is a cover of 'I Can't Help Myself'. Dave accompanies Fiona beautifully and their voices blend so harmoniously. They are such powerful singers and in such a small venue, they could have easily filled it without microphones. As I said, I could easily spend hours listening to them.  

Let's just take a moment to admire Fiona's outfit. The matching two-piece set is stunning. 

I'm looking forward to seeing their gig in Voodoo, Belfast next week.

If you would like to check out RunawayGo for yourself here are some links;

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