Flirting with Frivole

Monday, 24 November 2014

There has never been a blush that I have been more excited about than Chanel's Joues Contraste powder blush in 76 Frivole. The reason why I have this blush is the most shallow reason (to everyone but me, that is) but I am utterly in love with it regardless.

Chanel's Frivole happens to be the blush that Mary McDonnell's make-up artist Robin Siegel uses on the set of Major Crimes. I know this because I made the delightful mistake discovery of this interview with Robin. I love reading interviews like this one. The one with her hair stylist is a hoot.

This is my very first Chanel product and it won't be the last. (Mostly because Robin Siegel uses a number of Chanel products on Mary McDonnell). The packaging is the iconic Chanel shiny black case with the interlocked Cs. Who doesn't dream of owning at least one Chanel product? I mean, just look at it! It's so sleek and sophisticated and classic. A life goal has been accomplished! 

This blush is so beautifully pigmented that you only need the lightest of dabs and you're all set for the rosiest, natural cheek and the powder blends out like a dream. On my pale skin, it gives me a beautiful rosy cheek that just brightens up my face with a healthy glow. At first I was worried that it wouldn't suit my pale-Irish-pure-porcelain skin because at times on the show, depending on the lighting, Mary's skin could look slightly darker than mine or in other scenes appear just as fair. As soon as I put my blush brush to my skin, I could hear the hallelujah chorus. It was beautiful. It was perfect.  It's also build-able for that 'Just-out-of-the-cold' look.

I adore this blush so much. I never expected that I would love a blush as much as I do this one. I may be a smidge biased because one of my idols wears it, but hand on heart, I do love this blush. 

Have you bought a make-up product that an idol has? Did you love it as much as you thought you would?

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