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Monday, 17 November 2014

Dear Santa Claus,

I have been ever so good this year and if you find it in your good opinion that I have been, could I please, please, please, please, have something from this little list? I know you couldn't possibly carry them all but perhaps you could bring maybe one or two...

1 - Hourglass Ambient Blush Palette // £56.00
2 - Chanel Rouge Coco // Mademoiselle // £25.00
3 - L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation // £9.99
4 - MAC Bountiful Brown // £14.00
5 - Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trio Mordore Chic 3 // £7.99
6 - L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Mono // £5.49
Breaking Nude
La Vie En Rose
Little Biege Dress
Macaron Vanilla
7 - L'Oreal Paris La Palette Nude // £14.99
Thank you ever so much.

This is all just wishful thinking. An imaginary wishlist of things that I would love to get my mits on but one day - items that threaten the wellbeing of my laptop as I drool over it. I probably won't even own a third of what I dream about at any point.

Some wishes are shallow in that they're the products used by the make-up artists of my favourite people - read: Mary McDonnell. Hey, people lust after what Kendall Jenner uses, why can't I do the same for Mary McDonnell? Toma[y]to, toma[h]to.

What beauty items are on your wishlist to Santa this year?


  1. the colours in that blush palette just look divine!! i need this on my christmas list! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Aren't they just?! I will just sit here and daydream about all the beautiful things it and I could do together.


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