TUTORIAL || Sleek 'Orbit' Smokey Eye

Friday, 15 April 2016

Today's makeup look is the one that I wore in my Star Trek Voyager 'Atonement' & 'A Pocket Full of Lies' book review/thoughts video on Tuesday - see here. I absolutely loved the makeup that I wore in that video and it was inspired by this look that I did last year for Star Trek Week, inspired by the Sciences Department uniform. 

I didn't want to do another Star Trek video so soon after dedicating a week to it. The book review was a fluke because I just so happened to have completed the books that Saturday night and I wanted to sit down and talk about them. Not that I felt like I actually talked about them. Oops. But it's a wearable/updated one that made me feel like I was channeling Star Trek in some fashion. Fangirl priorities, yo. 

It features one of my favourite eyeshadows. I wish I wore it more often too. It's from the i-Divines Ultra Matte (v2) eyeshadow palette from Sleek, and it's called 'Orbit'. It's a beautiful dark blue-green colour that was perfect for the blue-green of the Sciences department in Star Trek. Whenever I use it, I always think of that look. 

Anyway, enough prattling on about Star Trek, I hope you enjoy the tutorial. 


  1. Really great tutorial and ,I know it wasn't the focus of it, but you have such lovely skin. Your base make-up alwasy looks amazing in your videos :)

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Julie. That's so sweet of you. I'll be doing a foundation video very soon.

      ~ Kazzie xx


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