TUTORIAL || Vision [MCU Avengers] Inspired Makeup Look

Friday, 22 April 2016

At the last minute I remembered that I wanted to do this look for today's tutorial. Captain America: Civil War is being released next Thursday night/Friday morning here in Northern Ireland (hands up those going to a midnight showing! MEEEEEE) and I wanted to mark the occasion with a tutorial inspired by one of my favourite characters, Vision. I used the colours of the Marvel Cinematic Universe version as my colour palette instead of the comic book one. 

I love how this look turned out. I even wore it up to Belfast straight after I finished filming. I loved every second of it. I would say that I would've used a more pigmented gold shadow that Amber Lights but I still love how it looked as the Mind Stone. I hope you do too.

Have you chosen a side? Are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

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