STAR TREK WEEK || Chakotay's Tattoo [Voyager]

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Star Trek Week continues here with a tutorial on how to do Chakotay's tribal tattoo from Star Trek: Voyager. It isn't solely a tattoo tutorial. I've also included a cheeky little makeup tutorial in how I think a gender-swapped Chakotay would do their makeup. I wanted to play around with makeup. What's new there?

It's by no means a perfect tutorial because my eyes just cannot see that far out of my head and my brain cannot compute reversing an image onto my face whilst looking in a mirror. My brain just hurts thinking back to it. 

Come back tomorrow for the next tutorial in the series. It's something that is entirely new for me and something that really pushed me to the edge of frustration. I wanted to chuck everything out the window. So yeah, that was fun. 

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