What's In My Not-So-Z Eyeshadow Palette

Monday, 8 February 2016

I've always drooled over the Z-Palettes that people share all over social media and YouTube and been envious of the single eyeshadows that they so lovingly place in perfect order. For ages I didn't have much of a collection of eyeshadow singles. I had six MAC eyeshadows. Five pans and one potted one. Four were in a palette, one was still in its packaging six months later and the other one was naturally in its pot. But when I bought Makeup Geek shadows, I knew that I needed some kind of palette for them all. So, I found one in the most unlikely of places.

Easons! Yes, I found a vertiable eyeshadow palette in Easons. I couldn't find it online, sadly.

I was nosying around Easons one day before Christmas getting some watercolour paper and I spotted a beautiful baby blue tin with a clear top. It was from the brand Life Canvas and it was a storage tin for their note cards. Beautifully designed note cards that had a Parisian theme.

It was a bargain at £6.99. I love to make notes on random things and so I knew that I was going to be able to use them. Plus, they were gorgeous! And it was a blue tin. They had pink and purple available too and I had the purple one in my hand before spotting the blue. I had to have it.

The MAC eyeshadows were already magnetic and they slotted into the palette without a bother. There is enough space to get six into a row. I had to buy magnets for the Makeup Geek shadows and the Barry M pans.

Along the right hand side are eyeshadows from the Barry M Natural Glow 2 Eye & Face Palette. My bestie gave me this palette for Christmas (even though I already had it - it's hard to keep up with what I have and don't have, okay). But, when I got it, the primer was smashed in the palette. I saw this as an opportunity to tear that cardboard palette apart and to take the pans out and put them into my new epic palette. I needed something to go with the MAC shadows at the time. I bought a pack of (what feels like hundreds) of mini-magnets and attached them to the back. The pans were already slightly magnetic but some still had bits of cardboard or glue on them. I know how to remove that but with the pans being so small, I didn't want to risk it.

With the Makeup Geek shadows, I could fit six across before I attached magnets to them. Yet, when I stuck the magnets, I could still fit the six but not in as straight a line as before. The middle one sat out just a smidge. To anybody else, that wouldn't be an issue. My OCD could not have that. It just couldn't so I placed the Barry M shadows down the side.

It helps the OCD. Trust me, it helps it.

On the top row, I've placed the darker colours with Shimma Shimma in the corner. Then on the second row, I've placed the more colourful shadows. Then Envy is all by its lonesome.

Like with Makeup Geek's Envy shadow, there is a MAC shadow by itself. That would be Mylar which is what I like to use as my brow bone highlight.

Then the final row in the palette is the MAC eyeshadows in a shade order that I love. Amber Lights is the only shimmer shadow that I own from MAC. The others are all matte. Espresso, Malt and Orb are all eyeshadows that I found out where used as part of Kate Mulgrew's makeup when she played Captain Kathryn Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager. Embark and Mylar are Jaclyn Hill influenced purchases.

This wee palette will be so handy for me when it comes to travelling. I can have all of the shadows that I could possibly use in it instead of having to bring four palettes. I can't believe how many palettes I took with me on my last holiday. I did a post about what I packed with me for my cruise holiday back in June. I think it was about 4 and I then added the MAC quad as I had just bought the shadows the day before in Dublin when seeing Idina Menzel. I can definitely see this palette covering a lot of bases already when it comes to a cruise holiday and all the themes that could be possible. 

As I get more single eyeshadows, I'll update on how I've arranged it and what is where. I'm already mentally filling a basket with Makeup Geek shadows. It will stay mental for a while. (Since composition, I've ordered Cocoa Bear, Corrupt and Steampunk)

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