My Essentials for Natural Beauty

Monday, 1 February 2016

What are the essentials? Essential, what? Essential beauty products? Essential skincare products? Handbag essentials? Essential essentials? There can be a lot of essentials out to there to choose from. What may be essential to one person may not be an essential to another. But what are my essentials for natural beauty? What would I consider my natural beauty though? When I think of natural beauty, I think of the parts that I love most about my face. For me that includes my freckles, my pale skin and my eye colour. Those are the parts that I tend to highlight in my beauty routine every time, take care of the most and the parts that make me, well, me. So how would I highlight those without concealing anything? 

First things first, the skin. I can't feel my best without having the best possible canvas to start off with. My skin is mine. It's the only one that I have and I have to look after it. With my skin, it can be sensitive and react to a few things or have the odd hormonal breakout (we all know that bane!). My skin gets put through the ringer with makeup use and the thorough cleansing it goes through to make sure that all of that makeup gets removed and that nothing clog the pores. That can take a toll on the skin and trust me, I've been there.

However, for me, skincare is a very daunting aspect of the beauty regime. I haven't been able to really establish a fully fledged skincare routine that includes serums and a fancy word that I have no idea how to spell because I haven't got much of a clue despite watching countless YouTube videos. I don't know what brand would work for me best. Should I invest in the high-end stuff or play trail and error with the drugstore priced items. I don't know and it terrifies me.  I do know of one brand that believes skincare should be fun, easy, imperfect and personal. Glossier. Fun and easy skincare is right up my street. They have a great selection of skincare and makeup products that make beauty simpler for people like me. Check them out here. I've learnt a lot from their website about skincare, even though I don't have any of their products - yet. In my imperfect routine, I have managed to find two products that have been lifesavers in my skincare 'routine'. Here are my essentials that get my skin looking its best.

I like to keep my skin moisturised because it is on the dry side and I always use Aveeno's Daily Moisturising Lotion. I don't know if it's meant for your hands or what but I've been using it on my face and it has really helped prevent dry patches from creeping up on me, especially during these winter months.

I'm prone to getting dry patches around my eye area, especially when I'm wearing heavy eye makeup and I need to get every last bit off and this lotion has prevented any sensitivity issues since I started using it.

Moisturised skin is what makes me feel my absolute best. When my skin is happy, I'm happy and my makeup goes on without a problem and that makes me even happier.

To keep my skin clean and clear, I use this beauty. I use this every day, even when I'm not wearing makeup just to take the dirt and grim off from the day and to make sure that I get every last gram of makeup off of my face. I use it first thing in the morning too just to freshen myself up and to let my skin breathe and to remove anything that I might've missed from the night before. It is amazing. I love it. It really picks up every bit of dirt and it's very refreshing before I moisturise. It has helped keep my complexion clear of any pimples or spots that may worm their way in (except for hormonal blighters). This is my second bottle.

My fair skin and freckles are a match made in heaven. I adore them both. I love that my skin is so fair. It really speaks to my Irish blood and my freckles just seal the deal. My mother always told me as I grew up that people would pay for my porcelain skin and that I should be proud of it. And, you know, I am. I am very proud that I have porcelain skin and have freckles (though it can make shade matching difficult). Sometimes in the warmer months, my freckles have freckles. I know that when my skin looks good, my eyes will just pop.

With using foundations, the coverage can sometimes mask the freckles. But I love my freckles. I don't want to conceal them every time I put on  my makeup. When I want to let them shine through, I use a product that has a more of a sheer coverage. My go-to products are The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation and the NARS Radiant Tinted Moisturiser

This foundation is a great match for my pale skin so that's perfect for keeping my natural skin tone. But it has a light coverage so that means that my freckles will be seen. At the same time, it somewhat covers the redness around my nose so that it isn't so intense. The finish to this foundation is a beautiful dewy, healthy and luminous glow which is definitely what I look for in a sheer coverage foundation. It just adds that little something extra. It doesn't gloss over or conceal everything that makes me me. It shows my imperfections, my freckles, my scars and my little beauty marks. 

If I want a more sheer coverage from this foundation (or from any foundation in general), I will spray my foundation brush with MAC's Fix+ solution before applying it to my skin. 

If I want the hint of coverage whilst evening out my skin tone, I will reach for my tinted moisturiser from NARS. I use the shade Finland which is the lightest shade that they offer. It's the perfect product for evening out my skin tone without really taking anything away from my natural complexion. I've used this on holiday during the day and felt amazing just wearing it with a little bit of mascara. It really allowed my natural beauty to shine through. I felt confident about my imperfections as I knew that my skin looked healthy and glowing with this product. It's a great every day product for when you're wanting to run messages but want a little hint of coverage without doing a full face of makeup.

Last but not least, an essential product in any handbag or pocket that I have is a lip balm. My lips have been dry for as long as I can remember. I remember sitting in Primary School and picking at my chapped lips. Glorious image, I know, but I was young and stupid. I'm still stupid and I still have dry lips but I'm not so young anyway. I always have to have a lip balm with me and at the moment Carmex's lip balm in the cherry flavour has been my shadow. Where I go, it goes. It has really helped my lips. When my lips are smooth, my lip colours go on with ease and I feel confident because then I'm not concerned about dry patches appearing through my lipstick, or my lipstick looking flaky because it's grabbed onto a dry patch. I can be confident in the knowledge that my lips look good. Plus, with Valentine's Day in two weeks, who wants to kiss dry lips?

So there you have it. This is a roundup of my essentials to highlight my natural beauty - my fair skinned, dry-lipped beauty. Let me know what your beauty essentials are for showcasing your natural beauty. I would love to know.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. 


  1. I absolutely swear by carmex! My absolute life saver in winter. i'd love it if you'd comment back xx

    1. It is such a life saver. My lips are so bad that it can actually sting but the relief afterwards is worth it. x


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