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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

I have never been more excited to blog about something in my entire blogging life (which is all of 18 months). I wanted this to be the very first post of 2016 but decided to let my 2015 In Retrospect take that honour. Nevertheless, I couldn't wait to write about Santa so graciously gave me at Christmas; Open Hearts by Jane Seymour jewellery. My little fangirl heart nearly went into overload when I unwrapped these and held them in my hands.  

The items in this post were Christmas gifts from my parents and my brother, all hand-picked by yours truly, naturally.

There's a funny story about how I actually found these pretties in Northern Ireland. I researched suppliers of Open Hearts by Jane Seymour thoroughly expecting them to be unavailable because hardly anything I'm interested in is available here. Surprisingly, I found that H. Samuel stocked it. Cue me finding my nearest H. Samuel outlet to have a little nosey. I told my Mum one day that I wanted to take a little jook into a boutique just to see if, by the off-chance, that they'd have it in store. After an eyeroll my Mum relented. We went in and looked down one side of the little shopping centre boutique looking for any sign of the collection with my Mum pointing out every heart shaped necklace in existence. No luck.

As we headed out, my Mum decided to look at the centre display to see if she spotted anything that she fancied the look of. I came up beside her and in an instant practically shouted, "THAT'S HER!". I'm not exaggerating when I say that I nearly deafened my mother and nearly gave her a coronary. She was so startled. She hadn't noticed the massive portrait of Jane Seymour sitting in front of her. She was actually looking at the Open Hearts Collection

Objective One: Confirm that H. Samuel do stock it in stores. 
Objective Two: Decide What To Get

T H E     J E W E L L E R Y

Open Hearts Angels By Jane Seymour Diamond Sapphire Pendant

Angels are messengers. They carry the message of living with an Open Heart. This stunning pendant from the Open Hearts Angels collection from Jane Seymour is crafted from sleek sterling silver and features Jane Seymour's iconic Open Hearts design forming a charming angel design with dazzling diamond encrusted wings & a vibrant sapphire symbolising September. ~ H.Samuel.

When I first looked up the collection, this beauty immediately caught my eye. I fell in love with the elegant design of it. It is very delicate looking. My taste in necklaces always tends to lean towards delicate designs 

It has the iconic Open Hearts design with angel wings attached that have the most exquisite diamonds inside, giving the idea of feathers and texture. What I love the most about this necklace is that it has my birthstone: Sapphire. That's why my Twitter and Instagram handles are 29Sapphires. The chain length is perfect for me. I'm not sure what the length is but it's not choking me and it's not halfway down my torso. It's perfect for me. In the picture below of when I wore it out on New Year's Eve, I tucked the necklace under the collar of my dress so that it sat perfectly in the centre.

Open Hearts By Jane Seymour Silver Diamond & Amethyst Ring

Add a pop of colour to your style with this sterling silver ring from Open Hearts by Jane Seymour. Featuring a vibrant amethyst with a shimmering diamond surround at its centre with Jane Seymour's iconic Open Hearts design set on the shoulders, along with extra diamond detail for endless sparkle. If your heart is open, love will always find its way in. ~ H.Samuel.

I hadn't considered getting a ring but my parents said that I could pick one out. My Mum was loving the entire collection. Like with the necklace, I was instantly drawn to the design of this ring. I loved the mirroring Open Hearts on either side of the amethyst gem in the centre. It was elegant without being arrogant about it. I wanted a ring that I could wear day or night and this fitted the bill. I really was taken by the exquisite yet subtle design. 

Now to tell you why I got it in amethyst and not sapphire. Simple explanation - they didn't have a sapphire one in this design. I wasn't disappointed in the least because purple is one of my favourite colours as well as blue. I loved the ring so much that I didn't care if it was sapphire or not. But here's the kicker that I only realised last week. A lot of my closest friends are February babies and amethyst is the birthstone for that month. I'm going to be sappy and say that when I wear this ring I feel connected to my friends.

And Jane Seymour. She's a February baby too. 

Open Hearts Angels By Jane Seymour Silver Diamond Earrings

Angels are messengers. They carry the message of living with an Open Heart. Follow this beautiful message with these stunning sterling silver earrings from the Open Hearts Angels collection from Jane Seymour. Featuring Jane Seymour's iconic Open Hearts design forming charming angels with halo and dazzling diamond encrusted wings. ~ H.Samuel

These earrings were from my brother. They are exquisitely delicate, just like the necklace, and have the same diamond wings. I adore these earrings. How can you not? Just look at how beautiful they are! I feel like a lot of people would be put off by how delicate these are. They are tiny, as you'll see below, but that is perfect for me. I don't like large earrings. I only like them if they dangle. If they're a stud style, then the finer, the better. 

Strangely, when I wore these for the first time, I got stupidly excited by the fact that they had the old style back. You know what I mean by the old backs? The butterfly kind of loop at the back? These. I hate the new style that has come out that feels as if your ear is being sandwiched between the earring and the back. If I don't have the old style, I tend to use the rubber doofers (so articulate, Kazzie.)

from my iPhone

I wore all of these out for New Year's Eve and I felt like a million dollars. 

It also seemed fitting that I should wear the Open Hearts jewellery as I enter 2016. Hopefully it'll inspire me to live 2016 with an open heart. Here's hoping.

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