Beauty Things That I Suck At

Monday, 18 January 2016

I am by no means a beauty expert. Far from it. Thanks to the power of editing it only appears that I'm good a certain thing when it comes to applying my makeup. But I assure you, there are aspects that I suck at. 

  • I am useless at applying any kind of lip product. I cannot line my lips to save my life. I either overline or mess up the inner corners of my lips. I'm useless at the inner corners. 
  • I suck at applying nail varnish. It is never ever neat. Ever. 
  • I fake tanned once. No me gustó. I only did it for a Strictly Come Dancing style fundraiser.
  • I cannot fill in my eyebrows worth a damn. They remain invisible in the end. 
  • When I apply loose powder to set my liquid makeup, there is always a powder cloud. Poof!
  • I'm probably using the wrong primer for my skin type but it stops my foundation from sitting on dry patches. Nothin' wrong with dat. 
  • I will usually mess up applying mascara by either hitting my brow bone or my under eye area. I've even hit myself in the eye. 
  • I suck at curling my eyelashes. I can't get the right angle with the curlers to fit my lashes. I feel really stupid about this one, haha. 
  • I'm useless with skincare. I know, I know. It's awful but I know next to nothing about skincare despite watching countless videos about it. It bores me. I'm sorry, skin. I'll get my crap together, I promise. 
Are there any aspects of your beauty regime that you fail to be on par at?

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