5 Food Places in Belfast

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

This will forever and always be my favourite place to eat in Belfast. Whenever I'm in Belfast meeting up with the BFF, we will automatically head in the direction of Boojum. We won't even discuss where we want to eat, we will just head there. Whenever I eat there it's a toss up between a burrito or a burrito bowl. I usually get the same thing either way; Mexican rice, peppers & onions, chorizo, tomato salsa and quacamole (or cheese). I used to always get the chicken but when they brought chorizo in, I instantly flipped. For newbies, be warned, you will end up with a food baby. It took me a couple of visits to build up a stomach stamina. Now, if I'm hungry I will opt for the burrito bowl. If I'm not so hungry, the burrito. Either way, I'll be stuffed but it just depends on how stuffed I wanna be.... That sounds wrong, haha.

T H E    P A R L O U R
My old uni haunt. For three years, this was a frequent lunch and dinner favourite for the BFF and me. Our ultimate favourite was Charlie's but it closed a year after we graduated which broke our hearts. But the Parlour has the best food. Great pub grub and the pizzas are to die for. We were last in there last April and I forgot how much I loved it. I love the atmosphere inside it and there are comfy chairs that you just sink into. Plus, it's the perfect place for a pub lunch (sneaky alcoholic drink included). 

F I V E    G U Y S
The newest addition to this list but so worth it. Five Guys recently opened in Belfast in December and I have never been more excited about a new eatery in my life. I first visited a Five Guys outlet when in Lubbock, Texas and absolutely loved it. I hadn't had their burgers in nearly two and a half years when I saw there was one in Manchester, which I visited last February. All bets were off when I saw it and made a bee-line for it. When it was announced that one was opening in Belfast, I was like a kid counting down for Christmas. I love it. I've already dragged my brother and I colleague to it and sung it's praises to everyone who would listen. The burgers are just how I like them - succulent with a soft bap. And their fries are amazing. I would recommend getting a little portion because they do add in a scoop of loose fries into the bag which basically works as a regular portion without paying for that size. Sneaky sneaky.

B U I L D - A - B U R G E R
The Build-A-Bear of the food world. The BFF and I usually go in here when the queue for the Boojum next door is simply unbearable (which happens quite often). I love this place because you can basically build your own burger and have it just the way you like it. There are a number of options that you can choose from for the burger alone. You can have a steak burger, a chicken burger, a pulled pork burger, a veggir burger (plus many more) and you can choose from a variety of baps and aaaaaaall the toppings imaginable. Apple or gummy bears are even an option. Yes, gummy bears. You can choose a sauce (sweet chilli or BBQ for me) and the chips are heavenly. So good! They even have a Burger Challenge which I believe is called the Big Lady Challenge - a 32oz (2lbs) burger to be eaten in 30 minutes or less. I haven't attempted it yet. 

B O D E N    P A R K    C O F F E E    C O M P A N Y
A little gem for when the BFF and I don't want to go into the city centre. I just have to say first of all that it is situated in one of the most beautiful buildings in Belfast. I always look at the building when going past on the bus heading into the city centre. The menu is laid out really well so that you can make an easy choice and the food is on the healthy side compared to the others listed above. Boojum can be healthy is you make good choices, haha. Boden Park do amazing hot beverages. I love their coffees and their tray bakes are delicious too. I haven't been in here as often as the others but I want to remedy this asap.

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